Candy Spelling is one bad grandmutha.

Having publicly complained about not having met her granddaughter, she didn't bother to show up for Stella's 1st birthday party. Although she'd accepted the gracious invite to the party from daughter Tori Spelling.

Find out why….

]]>Tori-spelling Apparently, Candy didn’t trust Tori not to film their interaction for her reality TV show. Or some such nonsense.

Lord knows if there is one thing this family has in common, it's a love of media attention for its various books and TV shows.

"She waited until one hour before the event to notify Tori, by email, that she wasn't attending," a source tells "Tori was busy preparing and didn't get the email until after the party. She was waiting for her mom the whole time."

As for Candy's privacy, the source insists, "There was plenty of opportunity for a private meeting."

Tori and Candy have been estranged for some time. It got way worse last month when Candy accused her daughter of not talking to her dad for the weeks before he died and therefore contributing greatly to his death.

Ironically,  Candy – whose book “Stories From Candyland" hit the bookstores a few weeks before Tori's book "Mommyhood" – recently posted a public letter to Tori on her website, asking for a make-up meeting.

Yeah, we're not holding our breath.

What kind of sick game are these two women playing? And in public?

Candy Spelling begs Tori for a reconciliation 

Candy Spelling says Tori's refusal to talk her dad killed him. Thanks, Mom.

Tori Spelling has words of wisdom for Kate Gosselin. Would you listen to Tori?

Photo: Tori, Aaron and Candy Spelling in (perhaps) happier times in 2002. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead