caplin rous capitol blog Caplin ROUS, famous capybara, dies in TexasCaplin ROUS, arguably the most famous real-life giant rodent, has died. He was three-and-a-half years old.

Caplin, a large rodent known as a capybara, passed away in Texas on Tuesday, Jan. 4.

“Caplin Rous died today at ~1:40 pm at Texas A&M Vet Hospital from probable encephalitis, we are waiting necropsy results,” reads his Twitter account.

Caplin was a minor celebrity in Texas and online. Not only did he have his own Twitter account and blog — through which he shared his movie musings and love of popsicles — but also boasted a YouTube Channel through which fans could watch his latest adventures.

Caplin ROUS’ second name derives from the book and film “The Princess Bride.”

According to his blog, a “ROUS” is “one of the three terrors of the Fire Swamp: lightning sand, bursts of flame and ROUSs or Rodents Of Unusual Size.” In addition, a “Caplin” is a type of fish, and oddly enough, the Catholic religion has declared that the aquatic-loving capybaras are fish.

RIP Caplin. You’ll be missed.

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