caprica 320x180 'Caprica': Amanda sees dead peopleOn “Caprica,” things move forward with the majority of the series’ plot lines, one of which seems to be taken straight out of “The Sixth Sense.” 

Is Graystone Industries tanking? Will the Bucs be sold? Will Amanda, Daniel and Joseph try to move on? Will the Gemenon plan be derailed? Those questions (and more) loom in this episode. In true sci-fi fashion, several more pop up by the end of the hour.

Clarice and Amanda Get Friendly: Amanda wakes up after having a nightmare of sorts. Meanwhile, one of Clarice’s spouses tells Clarice that the information she swiped from Daniel’s computer was of the avatar program. At one point, it was downloaded and put into another device, which makes Clarice happy. Clarice’s quest for a resurrection is still possible and she knows exactly who to go to to find out more. 

Amanda visits the Maglev memorial and is disheartened when she sees a man putting some items into a box. He says they’re just moving locations, but Amanda tells him he can’t touch it because the peoples’ lives were lost there. At the memorial, Amanda recognizes a young man standing in the back of the crowd and flashes back to the nightmare she had that morning. She was chasing him down a nondescript hallway. She takes photos of this man before being whisked away by her new “friend,” Clarice. Turns out, that man was her brother Darius, who’s dead.

Amanda studies the blurry images she took earlier that day, but what she sees isn’t enough to confirm who she swears she saw. While out and about, a car crashes into a tree. Amanda runs over to see if she can help but sees Darius a few feet away. She chases after him, but leads to a chain-link fence. A poster for Caprica Museum of Contemporary Art with a painting of a wooden bridge is in her line of sight, which prompts a flash. Amanda takes a pill to calm herself. Is she going crazy?

Later that day, Clarice tells one of her spouses that she needs to get closer to Amanda because “she sees people who aren’t there.” “Amanda is the mother of Zoe, and if Zoe is the mother of life everlasting, there is a connection,” Clarice explains. “God is using these women to speak to me. And I have to listen.” Really?

Clarice plays the “good friend” role and listens to a suffering Amanda recount her visions of her late brother. Amanda shows Clarice the poster that she saw during her chase of her brother. Amanda reveals that the image on the poster was where the car accident happened that led to her brother’s death, which explains why she takes prescription drugs to cope. “Why are you telling me?,” Clarice asks. “Because you’re my friend,” Amanda answers, telling her exactly what Clarice wants to hear.

Amanda meets Clarice at a bar for a night on the town. Amanda takes out the envelope from the Delphi Convalescent Institute that she received earlier. She reveals that she was there for two and a half years after the accident. Clarice asks her if she was hurt badly, thinking it was a place of medicine, but Amanda says she went there three years after that fateful day. She was having trouble coping with reality. Amanda views her life as her punishment, but Clarice reassures her that that is not the case. She tells Amanda to trust God. “Which God? Which one do I trust?,” Amanda asks.

A Plan in Motion: Zoe tells Lacy in the virtual world about Clarice snooping around her dad’s lab. Zoe’s half of the plan (getting the Cylon out of Daniel’s lab) is already in motion, but Lacy’s part is at a standstill. Zoe gets worried that Lacy won’t come through for her, but Lacy reassures her that if she had a little more time, everything would be OK. “I’d never let you down,” Lacy desperately says.

Lacy meets with Keon, freaking out about Barnabus not wanting to help her get to Gemenon. Lacy is desperate to find another way to get to Gemenon, and her only conclusion: to become a member of STO.

Zoe Generates Love and Ideas: Zoe and lab assistant Bowman are in a flight simulator in the virtual world for their first date, which is pretty amazing. Zoe is having trouble piloting her fighter jet. After her questionable (and temporary) stint as a fighter pilot, the two sit by some rocks and connect. “I think there’s better things we can do with technology. Like, maybe in v-world, we should extend life,” Zoe suggests. She continues to give ideas about making the virtual world even better and it leads to their first kiss. Aww.

Signs of the first ideas of the Cylon living amongst humans? “A robot could benefit from being in the real world. You know, let it out, explore, get it out of the lab,” Zoe says. “Uncopiable … because it’s analog. Thinking, thinking, thinking …,” Bowman says. Daniel makes his way down to the lab and notices his lab assistant making kissing noises with the holoband on, so he bangs on the piano keys to grab his attention. Talk about awkward!

Joseph Visits New Cap City: Tad, Tamara’s friend in New Cap City, asks Joseph to stop loitering by the alley he works at. Joseph gives him a holaband so that he can bring him to his daughter, but Tad is hesitant. “People shouldn’t have avatars,” he pleads. But Joseph tells him the Tamara that was seen in the virtual world is his daughter. They enter into New Cap City and Tad explains to him what it is: a game.

Tad lays down the ground rules. If Joseph’s avatar dies, the game bans him for life, no matter how many times he may try to hack into the code. “Try not to die,” Tad says, because Joseph only has one shot at finding his daughter. And we know how dangerous New Cap City is. Joseph asks Tad if he can fly in New Cap City, and Tad plays along, until he tells him how idiotic Joseph’s wish is. “Of course you can’t fly, it’s a non-fantasy game,” Tad says. “Frak!,” Joseph replies. The game is like a metaphor for life; the things that you can do in life are the only things you can do in the game.

Danger lurks everywhere. When Tad and Joseph try to escape from getting killed, one of them hits Tad, killing his avatar. Back in the real world, Tad’s angry because for him, life is now over. “I’m frakking dead now! You know what that means right? I can’t go back!,” Tad says angrily. “You’re on your own now!”

That night, Joseph decides to venture back to New Cap City on his own. He shouts her daughter’s name, but doesn’t see the figure watching a few feet away. Before Joseph can escape, a woman holds an object up to Joseph’s neck and threatens to hurt him if he even thinks about taking off the holoband. She introduces herself as Emmanuelle and tells him she’s there to guide him to his daughter, sort of like a nicely-paid private investigator.

Graystone Industries Plummets: Daniel and his assistant Cyrus are watching the Bucs play, but they’re only 10-point favorites (which doesn’t mean anything because during the conversation the opponent scored), which I guess is shocking in Caprica. Daniel’s nemesis Vergis (guest star John Pyper-Ferguson) makes an appearance, and Vergis tells him there are rumors spreading that Graystone Industries only has their hands on one working MCP. But according to Vergis, they really have none, since the one that’s working was stolen from his company. Cyrus wonders what Vergis is talking about, since the one MCP they have is functioning.

Cyrus tells Daniel about the pressures that the company is feeling, and urges Daniel to sell the team to offset the financial woes the company is facing. Daniel has a passionate reaction to his suggestion, telling Cyrus that the Bucs will never be Vergis’ team.

Bowman tells his boss about the idea he unearthed while with Zoe in the virtual world. Daniel ponders what was just suggested, “A generative process. A human system,” he thinks to himself. As he works to understand everything, he wonders, “You won’t work for Vergis, but you’ll work for me.” The Graystones’ dog keeps barking at the robot, wanting Zoe to kick the ball away. Bewildered, Daniel walks over to the robot and looks into the robot’s “eyes.” “Zoe?,” he asks.

What did you think about Amanda’s backstory? Do you think Daniel really believes it’s Zoe inside the Cylon? What are your theories on what will happen when and if Joseph sees Tamara in New Cap City? 

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Posted by:Philiana Ng