caprica stoltz 320x180 'Caprica': Daniel Graystone meets his nemesisIn “Know Thy Enemy,” “Caprica” took a step back from last week’s action-packed episode, yet still managed to provide some intrigue.

Daniel Graystone spots a mysterious figure (who ends up being Vergis), who alleges Daniel stole the MCP chip, at a fancy function. To rectify the situation, Daniel bounces ideas off Cyrus, his assistant. It’s all talk and not much show, but it doesn’t really matter. The point is still made: Daniel makes the stunning reveal that he hired a Tauron mob member to rob a Tauron, forcing his ever loyal assistant to go into panic mode. Cyrus suggests Daniel meet with Vergis (guest star John Pyper-Ferguson) to find out what he wants, but Daniel wants to pay a visit to someone else to find out who knows what. Cyrus yells out, “Who? Your mob friend?”

Meanwhile, Joseph Adama tests his new holoband for a test drive, in search of his daughter Tamara in the virtual world. He gets transported in an empty building, but has a minor freakout when he sees Daniel. On his second try, Joseph sees Daniel again, but this time Daniel’s acting like a virtual GPS of sorts. Joseph tries to talk to Daniel, but it does no good. The Daniel he sees can’t communicate with him. But his visit to the virtual world is quickly terminated when Daniel pays a visit to Joseph’s apartment to discuss Vergis and the MCP robbery.

An angry Daniel suspects Joseph set him up, after Joseph promised Daniel that Vergis wouldn’t find out. Joseph stands his ground and turns the conversation onto Daniel, telling him about Tamara’s friend who paid him a visit in the previous episode and told the grieving father and husband that he saw Tamara in the virtual world. Daniel, of course, says that’s impossible, but Joseph doesn’t believe him. “You better watch your step,” Daniel threatens.

There’s another bombing in Caprica and suspect #1 is the STO. Sister Clarice is worried about the bombing spree, and it’s the first time there’s mention of Barnabus, the supposed STO bomber. Clarice’s spouses (including guest star Scott Porter) calm her down by showing her a new piece of technology called a swipe drive. The device allows wireless theft of programs. With this knowledge, Clarice goes to the Graystone compound with the drive in hand, with the intention of stealing code off the Cylon housed downstars in Daniel’s home lab. (Of course, this couldn’t have happened without Clarice and Amanda connecting over their dislike of Agent Durham and other things, and how obviously out of place Clarice is in the Graystones’ home.)

Daniel’s surprised when he finds out Vergis wants to buy Caprica’s Buccaneers so that Graystone Industries can get the funds to make the MCP. An odd suggestion, especially from the competition, and Daniel is noticeably hesitant to agree to such a deal. Cyrus wants Daniel to secure the deal; after all, it’s money in the company’s pockets. But Daniel believes Vergis’ cash offering is just a cover for something else, bait as he refers to it. Daniel watches Vergis’ appearance on “Backtalk with Baxter Sarno,” in which he talks about his rivalry with Graystone.

Vergis makes a startling confession on the talk show that he is working to become a Caprican citizen. Daniel figures out what Vergis is up to and confronts him about it. Daniel breaks the news to Vergis that he is rejecting Vergis’ “generous” offer to take the Buccaneers off his hands. Vergis has been painting himself as a Caprican, in order to take the military contract away from Graystone Industries. Daniel tells Vergis his best bet to be integrated into Caprican society is to find a nice lady to marry. Vergis confirms Daniel’s suspicions, but he also tells Daniel another reason he wants to purchase the Bucs: because Daniel is such a big fan. “My dream is to tear up your dream,” Vergis says to Daniel. Oh male egos.

The second major character we’re introduced to is Barnabus (guest star James Marsters) and he’s seen in a dingy warehouse wearing a wifebeater and looking like a guy you wouldn’t want to mess with. Keon and Lacy meet Barnabus to ask him for help to see Zoe’s plan to get to Gemenon through. Barnabus wants more information than Lacy is comfortable revealing and ends up kicking her out of his warehouse, diverting his anger onto Keon, whose in the wrong place at the wrong time. Barnabus is a scary dude, but hell, Barnabus is one self-serving hotshot.

Highlights & Observations:

  • The lab assistant connects with the Cylon (aka Zoe #2) … until Daniel walks in and surprises him. Oops?
  • The lab assistant meets “Rachel” in the virtual world, but it’s really Zoe #2 with glasses. He tells her she looks like Zoe Graystone, but she isn’t really bothered by it. This is an interesting development and their relationship, however limited, has been nice to watch.
  • Vergis knows Daniel is responsible for the deaths of the two Tauron guards protecting the MCP and for stealing the device in the first place.
Posted by:Philiana Ng