caprica stoltz morales reins of a waterfall 320x180 'Caprica': It's always easier said than doneOn the newest installment in the “Caprica” saga, the hour belonged to the Adama family and well, their legacy keeps getting more and more heartwrenching by the moment.

The Adamas Family: Sam offers to take Willie “to school,” after Joseph is woken up after spending the night on the couch. Sam fills the fatherly role, for the time being at least, telling Joseph to snap out of it and to get over whatever it is he’s dealing with. “Wake up, brother,” Sam sternly says. Later that day, the principal calls Joseph regarding Willie’s bad school attendance and Joseph shows up at Sam’s hangout to take his son home, but not after having a little spat with her brother.

In an effort to mend his relationship with his rebelling son, Joseph drags Willie out to fish, trying to bring back memories from the past. Instead, Willie’s more attentive to the annoying teenagers making fun of him a couple feet away. While Joseph urges his son not to react violently to the teens, Willie exercises his dark side and throws a large rock at one of the boys and beating him to a pulp.

Joseph and Sam figure out what to do about Willie. Sam tells his brother exactly how it is: Joseph’s losing his son and the only way to get him back before it’s too late is to bring closure. At the Adamas’ apartment, a ritual passing is performed.

New Cap City: Meanwhile, avatar Tamara meets Vesta in the virtual world, since she believes this person is her only shot at getting out. Tamara sees Vesta and two others play virtual roulette. One of the men de-rezes when Vesta says, “Fire.” He’s gone … forever. Tamara wants to play after she finds out where he went, but Vesta shoots Tamara after she tells her to take off her holoband if she wants to “get out.” Unlike everyone else, Tamara doesn’t de-rez and Vesta’s interested. She tries to figure otu what’s going on with Tamara, but instead, tells Tamara to “play a little game” in return for helping Tamara return home.

Tamara is taken to a hotel balcony with one of Vesta’s minions, overseeing a virtual Caprica, where anything goes. A large ship flies overhead and begins shooting at Tamara and her virtual friend. “Welcome to New Cap City,” he says. Turns out, New Cap City is like the hyped-up version of Sims, where the object of the game is like figuring out what the goal of the game is. But some believe it has something to do with things that convert into points, such as money or weapons. Their target: Chiron, an overweight guy who hangs out in a Lower East Side club.

Tamara approaches Chiron, the town’s best gamer, and plays the “lover” card, but in an instant, pulls out a gun at Chiron. But before she can shoot, Vesta’s minion shoots her in the shoulder, bleeding and not de-rezzing. Chiron is bewildered and Tamara’s friend takes this moment to capture Chiron’s code before escaping with Tamara. In the hotel room, he uses a funnel-like instrument to turn himself into Chiron. “Anything that’s pure code can be manipulated,” he says as Chiron. And like any teenage boy who considers his laptop to be his best friend, he tells Tamara the reason he likes being in New Cap City. “This game really does mean something to me,” he says. “It actually allows me to be something.”

“Chiron” goes to the bank vault with Tamara to capture as many coins as they can to convert into points. The vault opens after they enter the code and coins begin to come out. As quickly as they got it opened, the vault slams shut and Tamara acts as a shield when the guards begin to shoot. WHen her fists clench, however, the guards disappear.

Later, Tamara and her friend meet Vesta, but Tamara requests Vesta help her return home before she gives her the points they’ve acquired for her. It’s then that Vesta makes the sad revelation by reading off Tamara’s name and address off a month-old newspaper that she’s already dead. Thus, she’s stuck. When she embraces her friend, she takes out the gun and shoots her virtual buddies without a second thought and tasks her friend to find her father in the real world. After he takes off his holoband, Vesta asks Tamara, “What are you?” “I’m awake,” Tamara eerily replies before shooting her as well.

Back in the real world, Tamara’s friend drops by the Adamas’ apartment and tells Joseph that Tamara sent him. Joseph’s alarmed, and he has every reason to be. Tamara’s friend tells Joseph that she’s stuck in the virtual world, and that she told him that she gave him her address. Even after Joseph “let go” of his wife and his daughter to provide closure for he and his son Willie, he goes after Tamara’s friend, desperately asking him to take him to the virtual world so he can see his only daughter.

Cylon Capitalization: Daniel Graystone is warned that an emergency board meeting has been called after his public declaration on “Backtalk with Baxter Sarno” that Graystone Industries will no longer seek profit from holoband sales and virtual licensing. The worry doesn’t amount to anything because Daniel pleads to the board that they can move forward into the future by allocating their resources into making the Cylon their latest enterprise.

To prove that the Cylon is simply a machine and not anything more, he prompts his model (aka Zoe #2) to rip off its arm. After some hesitation — it is Zoe #2 under all that medal — the Cylon does as its (er, she?) told. Hard to watch, yes. Even more painful knowing that there’s a “human” under it all.

Highlights & Observations:

  • “It’s more than a machine. This Cylon will become a tireless worker.” — Daniel Graystone to the Graystone Industries board
Posted by:Philiana Ng