caprica stoltz end of the line 320x180 'Caprica': It's the 'End of the Line' for manyIt’s fitting that on “Caprica’s” midseason finale, there was a lot going on and not enough time to explore it all. When it comes time for the show’s return, where does that leave the Graystones, the Adamas and everyone in between?

“End of the Line” had a destination set; it was the journey to get to that point that was problematic. With a handful of characters who had to reach a pivotal moment by episode’s end, it was difficult to get invested — or most importantly, care about what’s to come for these characters, many of whom haven’t been played up to their potential.

Aside from the abundance of plot, it was an appropriate end to a series that has had its ups and downs so far this season. Hopefully by the time it returns for its second act, it’ll be a whole other story.

Graystone Industries Is In Jeopardy: Daniel and his assistant Cyrus discuss options to save the struggling enterprise. Cyrus is adamant on Daniel parting with his pride and joy, the Buccaneers, while Daniel desperately seeks out any other plan, one of which consists of producing 100,000 Cylons by next month, fulfilling his company’s military contract. Daniel caves, deciding to sell his team to Vergis.

When the colonel visits Daniel’s lab and only sees one fully-functioning Cylon prototype, she lays one on him. To make matters worse, she reveals that she knows Daniel stole the MCP chip for his machine. Because of this, she moves up the deadline to the 7th, meaning Daniel and his staff will only have a week to fill their contractual obligations.

Philomon’s idea — creating psych profiles in order to mass-produce the Cylons — gets a laugh out of Daniel. His idea is to burn off the original chip, sort of like starting with a blank slate, in order to replicate it, which causes Philomon (and Zoe) to try and get a word in otherwise. Of course, that proves impossible.

Zoebot Makes Her First Killing: In the lab, Philomon’s friend lights up a cigarette in front of Zoebot, the lit match a catalyst for her arm’s sudden movement. Philomon labels it another “motor glitch” and Zoe’s identity is safe, for now. Rachel, Zoe’s fake identity in the virtual world, and Philomon have a romantic moment, but time’s a ticking for their forbidden love to even last.

Philomon finally cops to the fact that Zoebot isn’t a person, but Zoe stops him by finally revealing her identity. Philomon’s freaked out (and who wouldn’t be in this situation?) and tries to leave, but Zoebot traps him with her alloy arms. When she releases him, he races to turn on the security alarms, causing Zoebot to fling his human body off the controls and accidentally killing him. In panic mode, Zoebot takes off in a Graystone Industries car. This entire ordeal doesn’t help Daniel keep his military contract, and it’s set in stone that the contract has been lost to Vergis (guest star John Pyper-Ferguson).

With roadblocks set and helicopters flying overhead, tracing the vehicles steps. Dozens of armed military personnel aim at Zoebot in the car. Going over every inherent possiblity in her head, Zoebot presses on the gas, the vehicle hitting the barricades and exploding in a fit of glory. Did she, or it, survive?

Lacy Turns to the Dark Side: Barnabus (guest star James Marsters), Keon and their minions meet Clarice. Clarice shows Barnabus the poster of the stolen bike with the STO symbol subtly illustrated on one of the bike chains. While she’s been trying to keep the STO on the downlow, Barnabus has been rounding up enough to yield a powerful base. Clarice threatens to kill Barnabus, and he does the same to her. Stalemate.

After a STO meeting where we are greeted with the words, “So say we all,” Barnabus shows Lacy a large crate (big enough to fit a robot) that has tags that have been cleared all the way to Gemenon. But, Barnabus asks Lacy to complete a task for him — replacing Clarice’s car keys with a tracking device — in order to show where her true allegiance lies. He welcomes Lacy to his STO cell after she successfully completes her task.

Lacy storms into Barnabus’ hideout, demanding that he help her set the Gemenon plan in motion, but Barnabus and his crew are busy timing the next move. The car keys Lacy had swapped out earlier? They were just a plant to detonate a bomb Barnabus put in the trunk of Clarice’s car, which they follow closely. Barnabus gives Lacy a chance to really show her colors, handing her the cell phone that would trigger the bomb, but not before threatening to end her life (and Keon’s) if she doesn’t follow through. To add insult to injury, he won’t take part in her plan to get to Gemenon. Caught at a crossroads, Lacy does as she’s told, killing one of Clarice’s spouses Nestor (guest star Scott Porter) in the process. Clarice, meanwhile, was already out of the car when it happened. Impeccable timing.

Joseph’s Quest Continues: Joseph continues his journey to find his daughter Tamara in New Cap City. Joseph arrives at a nondescript location, taking two puffs of Amp, and sees Tamara in the light. He embraces her like a grieving father would, but Tamara pleads with her father not to follow her in New Cap City again, shooting herself before killing her father. When Joseph comes back into the real world, he’s devastated, believing that his daughter is no longer in New Cap City, but we know better. Oh, and it turns out his mysterious guide Emmanuelle is just his lonely secretary.  

Amanda Takes the Leap: Amanda is growing increasingly suspicious of the true origin of Daniel’s MCP chip. While doing research, Amanda continues to have visions. Meanwhile, during a night in, Amanda tells Daniel about Vergis’ visit the other night and that she is well aware of his role in the robbery of Vergis’ MCP chip. When she asks if it’s true, all Daniel can muster as a response is, “It’s complicated.”

Amanda makes her way to the edge of a bridge after leaving dinner at the house. Moments later, she takes the plunge with Clarice and others witnessing the event. Later that night, Daniel receives a phone call. Did Amanda survive her suicide attempt?

Quote of the Night: 

  • “Now I feel like things are finally getting on the right track.” — Daniel to Amanda

What are your thoughts on the midseason finale?

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