Zap2it has your first look at the next episode of Syfy’s “Caprica” as it continues its run of Season 1.

Spoilers! Watch the second episode back (Oct. 12) first before reading ahead of watching the clip.

Here we see that Clarice Willow (Polly Walker) finally has Lacy Rand (Magda Apanowicz), the last of the kids who tried to bomb her. Since the other three were killed, things aren’t looking all too good for Lacy, unless she can convince Sister Clarice of her loyalty.

Luckily, she has the Zoe card to play, and it’s kind of intriguing to witness history in the making — Clarice taking Daniel Graystone’s brilliance and using it apotheosis. Also, that’s a hilarious note on which to end the scene, “Hmm, that’s a good question.”

We’ve got an idea, Clarice. Why don’t you let Lacy live? Just for starters of course.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen