caprica gravedancers stoltz oswalt 320x180 'Caprica': The Graystones appear on Baxter Sarno's showOn the fourth episode of “Caprica,” Daniel Graystone makes his anticipated appearance on Baxter Sarno’s (guest star Patton Oswalt) “Backtalk,” but his finely-tuned script goes off-course and risks the future of Graystone Industries.

Damage Control: Daniel gets a script from his new PR rep Pryah. All he has to say was that Zoe was troubled and that he had seen the signs well before he developed the holoband technology. Of course Daniel doesn’t want to say anything remotely similar to the talking points, and matters are made worse when his intentions of going on “Backtalk with Baxter Sarno” alienate his wife Amanda. She does her best to try and get Daniel to say something more sympathetic when he goes on the talk show, but Daniel essentially says any emotional ploy “doesn’t play” well on TV, which angers Amanda even more.

On the Baxter Sarno show, Daniel tries to ease the crowd into it and cracks a joke, but literally bombs. Sarno asks about his wife’s public revelation, and Daniel follows the handy script. Sarno, on the other hand, takes a stab and offers the possibility that Zoe was growing up in a technologically-advanced world where holobands existed and where there were no consequences. Amanda, off in the wings with Daniel’s new PR girl and his assistant, is appalled by the argument Daniel’s team has concocted. They assured him it would work, but they’re proven otherwise as Sarno continues to take jabs. Amanda storms onto the stage, which only leads to trouble.

When Sarno’s show returns from commercials, Amanda defends Zoe’s honor, saying she was angry, defiant, rude and frustrating. But what kind of 15-year-old teenager isn’t that way?, she probes. Sarno offers his opinion, that Zoe was also “morally blank” and because of this, Daniel says, that was exactly how the STO got to her. Daniel tells Sarno that he talked to Zoe about this — to Amanda’s shock — because at this point, she didn’t know her husband was off connecting with Zoe #2 in the virtual world. When Daniel explains to Amanda his act of cloning Zoe in avatar form, Sarno and the studio audience begins buzzing. What?! Sarno, with the perspective of the cynic, says everything we’re thinking. Thoughts like Why would you create a ghost of your dead daughter? That’s creepy! run through your mind as Daniel tries to explain his stance to Sarno, his wife and the rest of Caprica.

Daniel makes an astonishing promise to Caprica and the rest of the colonies: Graystone Industries will no longer profit from the sale of holobands and virtual world licensing. Instead the money will go to a charity organization that will help young people find their core values. It’s good PR, sure, but those sales make for 60% of the companies’ net, which won’t make a lot of stockholders or the board very happy.

Target Acquired: Another explosion takes place in Caprica and Agent Durham has an idea to the culprit behind it: the STO. He uses Amanda’s public speech at the memorial two episodes ago to his advantage, furthering his investigation by utilizing her reveal of the infinity pin as a way in to search Zoe’s locker at the private school. That same morning, Clarice receives an urgent phone call and covertly sends the following warning to Ben’s best friend, who cleans out Zoe’s locker: GDD RAID COMING. When Agent Durham search the lockers moments later, they find absolutely nothing.

Later that day, Lacy and Ben’s best bud meet at a car repair shop. She tries to get him to help her with the Gemenon plan, but he’s not having it. Lacy ends up staying anyway; turns out, she knows a thing or two about cars (and most likely has a thing for the guy too). At GDD headquarters, Agent Durham asks his superior for permission to find out who has official access to the students, and duh, all roads lead to Clarice.

The Terminator: Joseph Adama has second thoughts on his plan for his brother Sam to kill Amanda in order to keep the balance, so to speak. During Daniel and Amanda’s appearance on the Baxter Sarno show, Sam sneaks backstage so he can fulfill his brother’s wish. Sam poses as Baxter’s personal driver and offers to drive Amanda home. In the car, Amanda notices they’re not going the right way. Meanwhile, Joseph is doubting his decision to terminate Amanda after watching the Graystones’ appearance on “Backtalk with Baxter Sarno,” but can’t reach Sam. Sam tells Amanda that he lost his sister-in-law Shannon and niece Tamara on the train bombing, but things get hairy for Amanda when she realizes he’s not who he says he was.

Joseph wakes up to hear Sam running his hands under the kitchen faucet. Joseph’s emotionally and physically distraught, worried over the fact that he might have unwillingly ended someone’s life. Sam goes through his schpiel about how he killed Amanda, or so we think, but it turns out, Sam was just jerking Joseph around. So Joseph bluntly asks, “Did you kill her?!” Sam says he didn’t, because in addition to Joseph’s texts, he knew Joseph’s order was an empty one.

Highlights & Observations:

  • Another word for polytheists? Orgy.
  • Daniel pays the makeup artist 1,000 cubits so he can smoke a cigarette while she’s prepping him for the show. If that’s not power, I don’t know what is.
  • Motto: “You get the best things from enemies .. because they’re scared of you.” — Grandma Adama
  • Amanda: “Did you lose someone on that train?”
    Agent Durham: “I lost everyone on that train.”
  • A lab assistant and Zoe #2 have a nice little dance session at Graystone Industries. What are our thoughts on a potential love connection between a machine and a human?
  • Amanda Graystone is a plastic surgeon.
  • Tattoos on a Tauron do not necessarily signify gang relation as many may assume, but are symbolic of a life.
  • “Frakkin’ Caprican in a Tauron body.” — Sam to Joseph Adama

What did you think of the Graystones’ TV appearance on “Backtalk with Baxter Sarno”? What are your thoughts on Joseph’s backtracking, and are we really surprised by it?

Posted by:Philiana Ng