caprica polly walker magda apanowicz reins of a waterfall 320x180 'Caprica': The Graystones buckle under pressureOn “Caprica,” the Graystones deal with the aftermath of Amanda’s public admission, Daniel makes a chilling compromise and Joseph disregards his moral compass. 

Anti-Graystone Syndrome: It’s the aftermath of Amanda Graystone’s public revelation that her daughter Zoe was a part of the Soldiers of the One, the group who claimed responsibility for the train bombing. People are boycotting Daniel’s company Graystone Industries, players from the Buccaneers are asking to be traded and Amanda “decides to leave” her job at the hospital after her horrific reveal.

The Graystones try to deal with the media’s negative publicity, but it doesn’t help that Amanda still believes it was their daughter Zoe who was responsible for killing dozens of people on the train. Daniel is less sure, but Amanda persuades him that her revelation is the truth (or at least part of it). We get glimpses of Zoe #2 in human form reacting to her mother’s passionate pleas, and you feel her heart breaking piece by piece.

We also meet the following characters:

1) Baxter Sarno (guest star Patton Oswalt) is the host of a TV late night comedy show, “Backtalk with Baxter Sarno,” and we can assume he’s made a living telling jokes at the expense of the Graystone family — namely Daniel. One of his digs includes a book Daniel wrote titled The Man Who Could See the Future, to which Sarno posits the sequel will be aptly titled Wow, I Didn’t See That Coming. Sarno is comparable to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of our world, as he is often labeled as a college student-friendly “news show.”

2) Pryah Magnus is a PR guru from another planet wanting to make the move to Caprica, and is tasked to save Daniel’s image after his wife’s unfortunate speech. Daniel is reluctant to receive any type of PR help, but he is feeling pressure from people by his side who want him to sell his stock after his company’s prices continue to drop. Pryah tries to persuade Daniel to bite the bullet and make an appearance on Sarno’s show. According to her, all Daniel has to say is that the holoband made Zoe do it (commit the act), that Zoe was “not a normal girl.” After Daniel realizes the media whirlwind won’t die down anytime soon, he caves and books an appearance on Sarno’s show.

3) We find out that Agent Durham’s partner Agent Youngblood interviewed the suicide bomber Ben Stark about a year ago, but his last name is labeled as “Starke.” Youngblood’s spelling error causes them to miss the connection. Agents Youngblood and Durham hatch a plan to cut through the red tape by using the press to gain access into the Graystone residence, something that is difficult to do because of Daniel’s defense work.

Lacy, Clarice and the STO: The Graystones aren’t the only ones feeling the heat, as Zoe’s best friend Lacy feels tension from her classmates at school. Lacy finds some sort of comfort in Sister Clarice, but she begins to feel pressure from Clarice, who wants to bring her into the Soldiers of the One in a more prominent role. Clarice tells Lacy about Zoe’s willingness to reveal everything inside her, but it’s clear Lacy isn’t Zoe’s carbon copy. Lacy’s red flag goes up when Clarice offers to share her burdens as her “confessor”; there’s nothing creepier than an overzealous adult willing to share your every concern.

In the virtual world, after Zoe #2 figures out a way to be transported remotely via holoband from her robot self to Lacy, Lacy finds out Clarice’s main goal is to find avatar Zoe #2 in order to carry on her mission. But when avatar Lacy tells avatar Zoe #2 that Clarice should know about her existence because she and Zoe were most likely working together, avatar Zoe #2 adamantly rejects the idea. Zoe never showed Zoe #2 to Clarice, and there was a reason for that. This contradicts everything Clarice told Lacy earlier. Meanwhile, Clarice transports herself into the virtual world to meet with Alva, who we don’t see but can hear. We find out Clarice’s role is to find Zoe’s avatar and use her to serve the lord through apotheosis, but it’s at the risk of the STO.

Avatar Zoe #2 tasks avatar Lacy to find Ben’s best friend so she can follow Zoe and Ben’s original plan of getting to the Gemenon safehouse. Zoe had a reason to bring avatar Zoe #2 over to Gemenon, but what if the purpose is bad, avatar Lacy asks. Avatar Zoe #2 tells avatar Lacy that Zoe said it was for a “wonderful” reason, putting 100% of her faith into something unknown. Avatar Zoe #2 tells avatar Lacy: “If you’re my friend, you’d do this.” But Lacy isn’t best friends with Zoe #2; sure, she may have a similar makeup to Zoe, but if you really think about it, there is no incentive for Lacy to go through with the plan.

Virtual Resurrection: Sam and Joseph Adama corner Daniel to an abandoned alley behind the ratty old gym Daniel likes to work out in, and Joseph demands that he see avatar Tamara again. When Daniel tells him that avatar Tamara is gone, Joseph doesn’t believe him; instead, he tells Daniel to create an avatar of his late wife too, but Daniel insists it’s not possible since he’s lost the necessary technological components to complete such a task. Joseph backs off, but not before saying, “I’m going to call on you again. And next time, pick up the phone, big shot.”

Daniel and Joseph give it another shot and enter the virtual world, with avatar Joseph calling his daughter’s name in the virtual room. Avatar Daniel disappears and checks to see if avatar Tamara is there on the server, but unfortunately, the computer only detects theirs. We know exactly what happened with Tamara’s avatar, who appeared in the virtual room with avatar Zoe #2 and avatar Lacy earlier, and in this case, Daniel isn’t lying to cover his tracks. Tamara’s avatar is somewhere out there in the virtual world, Joseph just doesn’t know it.

Living the Adult Life: Sam continues to teach young Willie Adama the tricks of the trade. First rule of thumb: skip school after they take attendance. Willie is weaving his way into Sam’s underground world, delivering food to his buddies and even drinking beer with his uncle. Joseph returns home after learning his daughter’s avatar has disappeared and still grieving over the loss of his daughter and wife, pulls Sam aside. He was the only one to lose his partner in the blast, and driven by his anger, Joseph resorts to getting even with the Graystones. “Balance it out,” he tells his brother, without blinking an eye. Is this Joseph’s grief talking or is it a combination of his son rebelling against him or his roots coming to light? 

Highlights & Observations:

  • “How about a good frak?” — Amanda to Daniel Graystone, with Zoe #2 watching.
  • The Tauronians have cut deals with many of the Caprican judges, which means that many crimes on Caprica go undetected.
  • When avatar Lacy finds the door in the virtual room Daniel created, we see avatar Tamara sharing the same space. “If this is a dream, I think it’s too long,” she sadly states.
  • “Can you be free if you’re not real?” — Avatar Lacy to avatar Zoe #2
  • When scandal hits, stocks always dive in price.
  • If you didn’t know any better, when Lacy tackles Ben’s best friend to the ground, it looks like they’re doing a lot more than just talking.

Will Sam go through with Joseph’s order?

Posted by:Philiana Ng