captain america 2 poster 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' at Comic Con: Cast talks challenges and goals“Captain America: The Winter Solider” is a very different movie than it’s predecessor. Like “Marvel’s The Avengers.” is takes place in the modern day, a relatively new world to Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). In the new movie he teams with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to do battle against his former best friend, Bucky Barnes, now The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). As the movie’s cast descends on Comic-Con to greet the fans, they and directors Joe and Anthony Russo are able to shed a little bit of light on the film.

Joe Russo starts off the discussion, noting that the idea behind the second movie was to be as modern and edgy as possible with Captain America, to reflect on him no longer living in the past.

To the question of the working relationship between the Black Widow and Captain America, Scarlett says that the two actually have a very similar fighting style and are able to develop their own shorthand with each other, due to both being ground-based in their combat, whereas their teammates like Iron Man, Hulk and Thor have more super powers to them.

Reflecting on his character, Evans says, “The hurdle with Captain America is his nature is to put himself last. It makes it difficult to find an interesting film, because most complex characters have flaws.” He says the movie delves into deeper layers of Cap and his relationship with Black Widow. Co-star Samuel L. Jackson hints at a romance between the two, but no one can elaborate.

When asked about Winter Soldier, Stan says that his similar is very similar to Captain America. “He’s lost in this new world,” the actor says. Emily VanCamp is a newcomer to the series, playing the role of Agent 13. “It was a great experience,” she says of her time in the movie, adding that it’s unlike anything she’s done before. However, she wouldn’t shed anymore light on her character. In the comics, Agent 13 is also the niece of Captain America’s former love interest, Peggy Carter.

Evans wouldn’t answer a question about Agent Coulson still being alive in the TV series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, saying he didn’t know what he could and couldn’t say.

Anthony Mackie, who portrays Falcon in the movie, says he was a fan of the character growing up and wouldn’t be opposed to his role being carried over to “Avengers: Age of Ultrom.” Of course, he wouldn’t. He also said he was gunning for Tony Stark, so he could become the only flying Avenger.

“Captain America: The Winter Solider” will be in theaters April 4, 2014.
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