capture jarick walker 'Capture' contestant Jarick Walker argues he's not homophobic, just competitive

Things got heated during an elimination round on The CW’s “Hunger Games”-esque reality show, “Capture,” when gray team contestant Jarick Walker enraged the red team for what they thought were homophobic remarks.

When Walker and his partner were hunted down and captured by an openly gay team (the red team), he told host Luke Tipple, “No offense to the red team, but I didn’t think they were gonna be the team that caught us.”

The red team then fired back, “I think the Division 1 football player is upset he got put up for elimination by two homos.”

Walker never meant his comment in a homophobic way and wants to clear the air. “I didn’t see where that came from at all,” Walker told TMZ. “I’m a competitor and I didn’t see anyone catching us. That team was a big team so I didn’t see them as a threat. Being big, moving is a lot harder when you’re bigger. So that’s what I mean by my statement. I didn’t expect them to catch me, but they took it in a completely new, different direction.”

After the show ended, Walker has been trying to reach out to the red team to show there was no hard feelings. “I’m really trying to blow it over. I’m not one to hold grudges or anything like that,” Walker said.

“Capture” airs Tuesday (August 13) at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum