capture injury 'Capture' preview: Host Luke Tipple reveals the game gets harder, some will get injured

“Capture” is about to get even more brutal.

The CW’s survival competition show has already seen some contestants break down mentally due to exhaustion and lack of food, but will an injury knock one team out of the running on Tuesday’s (August 20) all-new episode?

“There are injuries during the show,” host Luke Tipple reveals to Zap2it. “You will see people that are dealing with some injuries they’ve picked up along the way. Running through the forest at a breakneck speed in panic of being captured is not the greatest way to be traversing the forest. It’s tough terrain even for the crew, and cameramen on site were susceptible to injury. It’s not a forgiving environment.”

In addition to injuries, Tipple says that the game is only going to get harder from here on out. “The game constantly changes across the arc of 10 episodes,” Tipple says. “The rules and sabotages that we give them will get harder and harder. Just when the teams think they’ve got it all sorted out, we switch it up. At its core, you have to hunt and be hunted and survive, but everything around it is fairly fluid. We keep them on their toes.”

Watch a preview video of Tuesday’s all-new episode below:

“Capture” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum