capture season finale 'Capture' season finale: Did the green, teal, or red team win?

On Wednesday night (Sept. 25), the first season of The CW’s reality competition series “Capture” came to an end. So who walked away with the grand prize of a golden talon and $250,000?

The final three teams were the green team, red team, and teal team. The final hunt consisted of two days, and on the first day, the hunt team would have to capture both prey teams to be safe from elimination. The green team was randomly chosen as the hunt team, and that worked out perfectly: the green team was the only team who could have captured both teams in one hunt, and they pulled it off right at the nick of time. They chose to send the physically fit, strong red team home to face off against the British twin girls of the teal team in the final hunt.

The structure of the game changed for the final hunt. Since there were only two teams, both teams would be hunter and prey in the final hunt. Every 15 minutes the roles would reverse, making this hunt the closest one to the actual “Hunger Games” the show was inspired by. Instead of always hiding or always hunting, both teams had to strategize and make sure that even while hunting they were still hidden like prey. It was interesting to see that added dynamic and how it changed up both teams styles of hunting.

In the end, the green team captured the teal team and won the prize. The entire season, Kareem of the green team was very outspoken about how he was playing to win the money for his mother who was suffering from MS, and seeing him and his college buddy Antoine break down in tears and hugging each other after capturing the teal team was incredibly heartwarming. No other team worked as hard or deserved to win more than the green team.

What did you think of the first season of “Capture?” Were you glad the green team won, or were you rooting for another team? 

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum