cardboard cathedral christchurch new zealand Cardboard cathedral to be built in earthquake devestated Christchurch, NZThe famous Christchurch cathedral in Christchurch, NZ was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and devastated residents. For the time being, it will be replaced by a cardboard cathedral. Seriously.

Leaders of the Anglican diocese have confirmed that the 82-foot-high structure will cost over $4.1 million and will be able to accommodate 700 people. The structure is expected to stay around for about 10 years. Designed by Japanese paper architect Shigeru Ban, the cathedral will be made of 104 tubes of cardboard and timber beams, structural steel, and concrete.

Richard Gray of the Transitional Cathedral Group tells the New Zealand Herald, “It will give a location for people to come and reflect in what we’ve
been through and, hopefully, gather inspiration for the future.”

In case you’re wondering, they won’t be stuck with a giant pile of wet paper the first time it rains. The structure will be weather proof. What do you think of the idea? Is it worth spending this much for a temporary structure? Is it good for moral? Let us know your thoughts.

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