prom dress cardboard maura pozek Cardboard prom dress: Missouri teen makes a fashion statementMaura Pozek, a senior in Reeds Spring, Mo., made her prom dress out of cardboard and paper bags. Which sounds a little odd, until you find out that her two previous prom dresses were made out of, respectively, soda can tabs and Doritos bags.

The 17-year-old tells NPR that it took “lots of hot glue” and some late nights to make the dress work. She’d originally planned to go with an all corrugated cardboard design, but incorporated paper bags at the last minute because of some trouble with the cardboard.

After graduation, Pozek is thinking about going into elementary education though she tells NPR that fashion design is still an option.

And, yes, she had a back-up plan: “Duct tape and an extra dress.” 

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson