carey mulligan dicaprio gi Carey Mulligan 'freaked out' when working with Leonardo DiCaprio on 'The Great Gatsby'Every woman is allowed to have a fangirl moment or two (or twelve hundred) in their lifetimes, and Carey Mulligan is no exception to the rule. The actress admits that she “freaked out” at the opportunity to work with Leonardo DiCaprio on “The Great Gatsby” this year, in their respective roles as Daisy and Gatsby.

“Leonardo is the most incredible actor, on the planet, with a couple of people alongside him… I walked away from my audition for that and I couldn’t believe that I’d been acting with him,” she tells Collider.

Even her friends were excited.

“I’ve worked with amazing people, but my friends freak out that I’m working with him. I freak out in a geeky acting way. They freak out in a starstruck way. He’s Leonardo DiCaprio, and his fame is so big.”

Despite that “big” fame, DiCaprio was more than willing to help out during her audition process.

“I was like, ‘Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need to be helping me in this audition’,” she says. “He was auditioning girls all day. I was so blown away by how generous he was, let alone being amazing to act with.”


Posted by:Carina MacKenzie