tvfashwd06.jpgMost high school girls dress more like Carly Shay of Nickelodeon’s iCarly than Jenny of Gossip Girl, though the latter attracts more attention.

Miranda Cosgrove’s look as Carly, however, is far more attainable, comfortable, and on behalf of mothers of teenage girls everywhere – more appropriate.

Carly, 16, like Cosgrove, generally wears layers of shirts, jeans, and sneakers or boots and has that girl-next-door air. Cosgrove describes her character as “pretty girlie. Sometimes I get to be a little edgy. She branched out a little. The first season, she was really preppy and wore a lot of cardigans. This season, we would talk and come up with different ideas for the character.”

Kristin Dangl, the show’s costume designer, likens her wardrobe to candy. “Miranda’s clothes represent an Everlasting Gobstopper, one of those Willy Wonka things,” she says.

Carly, Dangl says, is “that perfect combination of classic feminine and tomboy,” which encourages her to shop in many places, including Kitson.

She buys jeans there, including Rich and Skinny.

“When I first heard of it,” Dangl says, “it made me nuts. I said, ‘I am not buying this.’ Sadly, they made the best quality of saturated color jeans, and they fit her like a glove. Then the next thing we moved in most recently, and I am just going to cringe when I say it, are Jean Addicts. They are fantastic.”

Dangl favors Custo Barcelona.

“She wears a lot of it,” Dangl says. “It’s very colorful, and I mix it in with Anthropologie.” She also uses pieces from Urban Outfitters, Lucky Brand, Forever 21 and Dangl’s favorite store, Target. Dangl also shops at LF, where she buys little plaid dresses, bohemian pieces and the thin bracelets that Carly wears in stacks.

“I try to blend the more expensive fashion pieces with the everyday,” the costumer says. “Every girl needs a selection of worn-in, comfortable, heather gray T-shirts that you layer the prissier stuff on top of, the more feminine softer stuff, so you can ground it out. I use a lot of thermal and American Apparel.”

Since Cosgrove likes Betsey Johnson, Dangl buys some of her pieces. She loves jewelry from Tarina Tarantino, including a favorite piece that had President Lincoln’s top hat as a medallion.

For ages, Cosgrove collected Converse in every color, and Carly also wore the classic sneakers. But this season, Carly has worn a lot of boots, including those from Steve Madden and Doc Martens.

“I would definitely wear the clothes Carly wears,” Cosgrove says. “I am always going to the wardrobe room. I feel like it is my second closet. They are always getting mad at me. They try to get doubles of things. I will try to get a double and hope they don’t notice.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler