carnie wilson 06 2010 fm 'Bridesmaids' Carnie Wilson's house NOT in foreclosureDespite published reports to the contrary, singer Carnie Wilson tells Zap2it exclusively that her house is not in foreclosure.
“It is in a short sale situation,” she says. “It can be two weeks and it could be a year. My house is not in foreclosure. My house is in a short sale.”
A short sale is when the homeowner owes more than property is worth, and the bank would be short some of the money it’s owed if it’s sold at this price.
Wilson is well aware of how common this situation is. It’s “like half of the homes in America today, like millions of Americans with f***ed-up banks,” she says. “We are not in foreclosure. I definitely want to get that record straight.”
The stories started circulating and Wilson, of the singing group Wilson Phillips and a judge on ABC’s upcoming “Karaoke Battle U.S.A.” says she had not responded to other stories.
“I am not talking about it because it is not anybody’s business,” she says. “It shouldn’t be anybody’s business. And everything is so great with my family, and my life. We moved into another place. It really is nobody’s business.”
“It’s a very common place to be right now, with the market right now,” Wilson continues, “especially in a home with this value. It is in a short sale and that is what people need to see. It isn’t anything anybody should know about. I am not in the business of real estate. I am in show business.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler