carol burnett intersection gi Carol Burnett gets her own intersection in Hollywood

There’s no denying that Carol Burnett has left her mark on Hollywood. Now that mark is official as the intersection of Highland Avenue and Selma Avenue has renamed Carol Burnett Square. The ceremony took place April 18, with Burnett on-hand to unveil a sign marking the intersection.
The intersection, just outside of Burnett’s alma mater, Hollywood High, holds a special place in Burnett’s heart. The actress tells a local CBS affiliate, “To have a square named after me — at Highland and Selma — it’s like a miracle.” Burnett first moved to Hollywood with her grandmother as a child. “I remember going with my grandmother to the movies on Hollywood Boulevard when I was young. And the movies kinda gave me my start,” she says.
Turning 80 years old on April 26, the funny lady still has her favorite sketches from “The Carol Burnett Show,” including the ones with Vicki Lawrence that would eventually be spun off into the sitcom “Mama’s Family.”
These days, Burnett is focused on being an author. Her most recent book, “Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story,” focuses on the relationship she had with her daughter who died from cancer in 2002. “She was a force,” Burnett says, “She was really funny, highly talented and I lost her to cancer when she was only 38 years old.”
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