carol burnett the talk Carol Burnett on that time her famous Tarzan yell got her out of (and in) trouble

Iconic comedian Carol Burnett appeared on CBS’ “The Talk” on Monday (Nov. 18) to reminisce about her days on “The Carol Burnett Show” and to preview her upcoming guest-starring role on “Hawaii Five-0” which airs this Friday (Nov. 22).

Burnett revealed her favorite characters she portrayed on her legendary show. “I loved Mrs. Wiggins. I loved doing Eunice, I could vent,” Burnett says. “And all the movie takeoffs. I was raised in the 40s and 50s so it was a throwback to me.”

One of Burnett’s most well-know bits is her Tarzan yell, and according to the comedian, that yell once got her out of trouble … only to put her in trouble once more. “One time I was in New York and I needed to buy a pair of stockings, and I was running late to rehearsal,” Burnett says. “I walked into a very posh store, Bergdorf Goodmans. This was back when it first opened.”

Burnett was asked by a sales clerk to sign autographs before it became time to pay. “I realized I grabbed the wrong wallet, so I asked if I could write a check for the stockings. And she asked me, ‘Well, can I see some identification,'” Burnett says. According to Burnett, the sales clerk conferred with the manager and they both agreed that if Burnett did the Tarzan yell, that would be sufficient identification.

“So I did the yell, and then right behind the lady, the exit door burst open and there was security guard with a gun,” Burnett says. “Now I only do the yell in controlled circumstances.”

Burnett will be back on the small screen this Friday (Nov. 22) when she guest stars on an episode of “Hawaii Five-0.” “The cast, the crew, and the writers, I just adored it,” Burnett says. “My character’s saucy, but she’s got a bit of a secret. But we don’t find out until later in the script.”

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum