carriefisher 290 Carrie Fisher shares a Michael Jackson memoryOn the night that Michael Jackson was buried, it’s probably natural that people would want to share their memories of and stories about the King of Pop.

Leave it to Carrie Fisher, though, to have a very unusual story to tell.

Fisher appeared on CBS’ “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” Thursday, and Ferguson asked her about any time she may have spent with Jackson. As it turns out, she had — last Christmas, in fact. And — well, just let her tell it.

“They came to me to go on a travel junket for talking about Michael (Jackson) because I was with him on his last Christmas,” she told Ferguson. “It was fantastic. He had a big tree, and I did the Princess Leia monologue for his children. Yeah, I got paid. … No, no I got paid nothing. But I got a lot [out] of it, and also he got me a cell phone.”

So — yeah. There’s that. Thanks, Carrie!

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Posted by:Rick Porter