bob tur becoming woman Carrie Fisher's ex Bob Tur becoming a woman; OWN reality show reportedly being looked atBob Tur, the famed helicopter pilot-reporter who covered the Los Angeles riots of the early 1990s and the O.J. Simpson freeway white Bronco chase in 1994, has revealed that she suffers from gender dysphoria and is in the process of becoming a woman, reports CBS-LA.

Tur is in the process of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to transform his body from male to female.

“It’s a genetic disorder that happens in utero,” says Tur. “You’re born with a female or feminized brain … You think you’re a woman, but you’re [biologically] a man.”

She says she’s only been on the hormones for 35 days but has already begun to see changes in her body.

“Mental changes have already happened. … I’m thinking the same way a woman would think. About the five-month mark, you won’t recognize me,” says Tur. “My body is changing, my skin is changing, hair is changing, and I’ll have a female shape. Breasts start growing and I’ll lose body hair. Late on, about 12 months, there are another couple of surgeries. Facial feminization surgery and sexual reassignment surgery.”

Tur says she is “done hiding” who she really is and that she has not had a single negative response to the decision. She writes on Facebook, “Hi, my new name will be Zoey. Glad to have you as a friend. Thank you for your kind words.”

He adds, “[Wednesday] I’m publicly out. Oprah’s network is looking at reality show.

When the change is complete, Tur will change her name from Robert to Zoey. She was previously married and has two children, plus dated actress Carrie Fisher in 2003, before splitting two years later. One of Tur’s children is Katy Tur, a reporter for NBC News.

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