carrie fisher cruise performance dog poops Carrie Fisher's wild cruise performance: Dog poops on stage and more (VIDEO)There’s a rather bizarre report coming out of an RSVP Cruise of the Caribbean voyage from last week. According to Queerty, passengers on the Holland America Eurodam were supposed to be treated to a performance by actress Carrie Fisher.

But passengers are saying she was in quite the state during her show. A source tells Queerty that Fisher went swimming in Half Moon Bay with all her clothes on, then showed up later for her 8:30 show “trashed and incoherent.” The source says the actress’ dog joined her on stage — only to leave a couple little presents for onlookers. And then when people tried to leave, Fisher chased down the aisle of the theater after them.

More passengers are discussing it on the Cruise Critic message board. One poster says not to be too hard on Fisher and cites her battle with being bi-polar:

She was not under any influence. We felt so bad for her. Most people do
not have the experience or knowledge of what mental illness can do to
someone. Carrie is very open about the fact she is Bi-Polar … Those of us who know
people with the same situation knew right away what was happening. She
was in one of those highs and it can appear to be other causes. Please
support her and do not make fun of her.

And another commenter adds, “She was NOT ‘on’ anything, she was just in a very strong manic state. I
feel so badly for her. Anyone who lets her appearance ‘ruin’ the entire
week for them needs to lighten up.”

But some passengers still think the cruise line should have had more control:

Thanks for letting us know about her
problems. However, and as a person who sat through much of her
“performance” (I left when the dog pooped), I think RSVP shares some
responsibility for this disappointment. RSVP should have either been
more cautious of her state or not booked her at all.

Below are a couple videos of the performance, so you be the judge. It sounds like the audience is having a pretty good time, but perhaps it got a little out of control.

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