Carrie Prejean, recently canned as Miss California, has lost another gig. She's been fired as spokeswoman for Sledge USA's upcoming fall clothing ads.

The brand manager, Vered Nisim, tells E! News that Prejean "didn't keep her appointments."

"She refused to confirm a time and date, even though we were on a very tight schedule," Nisim says, adding that "it had nothing to do with her being let go as Miss California."

Of course it didn't. Or did it?

]]>EXCLUSIV_Eric_16838138_600 And it's just a strange coincidence that the former Miss California USA will be replaced by current crown-holder, Tami Farrell.

Nisim says the decision to fire Prejean was made last week. Sledge chose Farrell after discussing her with Keith Lewis, executive director of Miss California USA.

"We have not worked with Tami before, but we understand from the Miss California people that she's great to work with, very sweet,"  Nisim says.

Yeah, not like that other blond who always looks as if she's just smelled a dirty kitty-litter box.

What do you think? Is there a conspiracy to get back at Carrie Prejean? Or is it all just instant karma?

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Photos: Carrie Prejean, top, and Tami Farrell. Credits: WireImage

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