Miss-malibu-tami-farrell Move over, Carrie Prejean! Runner-up Tami Farrell has been named the new "Beauty of California ambassador"!

The Miss California USA pageant heads held a press conference at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills this morning over the current Miss California debacle.

Of Carrie "Controversy" Prejean, Shanna Moakler, co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant, stated, "She entered the contest under false pretense,” adding, "Accepting the title comes with the responsibility to represent everyone in her state, not just those who share her opinion."

Apparently, Miss Prejean doesn't even speak to the California officials any longer.  In fact, according to  the pageant peeps, she's surrounded by  "handlers" and advisers" who don't communicate with them about Carrie.

The officials claim that Carrie is no longer doing Miss California events and has not made herself available to them.

So the powers that be have chosen Miss Malibu, Tami Farrell, the 2009 Miss California first runner-up, to be the new Beauty of California ambassador. (Technically, Carrie Prejean is still Miss California — only Donald Trump has the power to remove the crown).

Frankly, we can't really tell the difference between these two California girls.

Let's hope Tami's reign will be a peaceful and loving one. Wonder what Donald Trump will announce in his press conference tomorrow?

What do you think of the decision? What do you hope the Donald does?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead