Carrie-prejean Carrie Prejean wore her sash Tuesday night on Sean Hannity's Fox News show as she explained those topless photos.

“I’m from California. A swimsuit for us is no big deal,” she tells Hannity.

She also discusses that topless shoot with a professional photographer for a surf magazine. Apparently he gave her a vest and a bathing suit bottom. They were on a cliff and it was very "windy."  Click here to watch the video.

“He was sneaking shots … it's inappropriate.”

Hannity also asked about posing for Playboy, and here's her transcripted answer:

HANNITY: For example, I have no doubt your career is about to skyrocket. Victoria's Secret is one level. OK? Would you do Victoria's Secret?

PREJEAN: Ever – you know, beginning modeling, that was my dream.

HANNITY: To do that.
PREJEAN: To do Victoria's Secret.
PREJEAN: Whether it's the pink line, which is a less more revealing or, you know, to be a Victoria's Secret angel. I think that would be amazing.
HANNITY: If Playboy or any of these magazines …
PREJEAN: Absolutely not.
HANNITY: You'd say no. Absolutely not.
PREJEAN: Absolutely not. And I even got a ridiculous offer by Vivid Entertainment to do a $1-million pornographic film, which I think is ridiculous.

We agree. That really is ridiculous. We don't blame her for being insulted.

Even flabby old Octomom Nadya Suleman turned Vivid down for that figure.

Carrie should hold out for at least $5 mil.

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