Thumbnail image for Carrie-Prejean.jpgCarrie Prejean’s brother Billy Arnone — the one with the neck tatts — spills the who-what-when-where scoop about his deposed beauty queen sister’s sex tape. 

And no, he hasn’t seen it. But he wouldn’t mind. 
OK, that’s just so many shades of wrong on about 1 million-zillion levels.
He initially tells that she
was only 19 when it was shot, then adds 17. He says she met the guy who
shot them in San Diego and they hung out a good fifteen times at least.

“A lot of young girls do stuff like that and I just think that  people should move on,” Billy said. 

But he eerily admits that he would actually watch the video “if it were put in front of me.”


Carrie’s sex tape is so good even her own brother wants to watch it. Your thoughts please?

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Photo credit: Filmmagic