PerezHilto_Giffo_57224352_600 Miss California Carrie Prejean's grandmother is madder than a wet hornet at Perez Hilton.

Prejean's grandmother, Jeanette Coppola, who lives in a mobile home near San Diego, has some choice words for the openly gay celeb blogger who called her daughter an insulting name that starts with a "b."

She told, "I don't know why that gay guy Perez was even judging a contest with a bunch of girls. That doesn't make any sense. He should be judging a Chippendale's contest."


Perez Hilton has now fired back at Carrie's granny's comments. And he's all for the Chippendale idea.

He says, "Dear Jeanette, I was judging that contest because I am an American. I am a gay American. I am a Latino American. And I am an American who knows a thing or two about women in the spotlight.

"I know it's not to your liking, but the judging panel was filled with a lot of diversity: men, women, gay, straight, black and white. We all decided that your granddaughter was not the best candidate for Miss USA.

"I am praying for her and for you, Jeanette. Next time you go to Chippendale's, give me a call!"

Who are we rooting for this war of words, the granny or the gay dude? Frankly, we think Jeanette could take Perez with one hand tied behind her back.

Photo: Perez Hilton. Credit: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead