carrie underwood mike fisher 2010 grammys gi Carrie Underwood on husband Mike Fisher's NHL playoff beard and having kidsWith the National Hockey League in the middle of playoffs, Carrie Underwood doesn’t see much of her Nashville Predators player husband, Mike Fisher. That’s possibly for the best, because playoff time means a thick playoff beard, something Underwood has gone on record saying she’s not a fan of.

But Underwood tells Zap2it backstage after her “American Idol” performance that she doesn’t have a really strong opinion about her husband’s beard either way.

“I haven’t seen him. I answered that once and it got picked up everywhere that ‘Carrie hates her husband’s face,'” she laughs. “I mean, he’s hot — he’s a hot guy! So of course I would love him to look like he normally looks but he is a hockey player,” and beards come with the territory.

With Underwood’s busy touring schedule and Fisher traveling across North America during hockey season, the couple spends a significant amount of time apart. But Underwood says that they deal with the separation by keeping in touch electronically.

“We are not the kind of people that need to talk to each other every second and every day,” she says. “We will text and tweet ‘I love you’ every day. He wants to know how my kids are doing.”

Don’t get any ideas, though. “My kids are my dogs,” Underwood explains. “He will send me pictures of them on a daily basis and makes sure that I know they are okay.”

Yes, those are the only kids they’re worrying about for the time being.

“We’re good,” she laughs. “I’m super busy and he’s super busy. We are still newlyweds so for us to have three seconds alone with each other — I honestly think that if we brought a kid into it, it would mess things up right now! We’re good right now!”

Posted by:Jean Bentley