carson-daly-no-shave-november-2013-nbc.JPGCarson Daly has stopped shaving for a good cause, and he wants everyone to join him — including … Christina Aguilera

Now that the live shows are upon us, “The Voice” host is days into 2013’s “No Shave November,” and he’s slowly recruiting the coaches to put down their razor blades for a full month.

Daly stopped shaving his stubble as part of an annual campaign to bring awareness to male cancers such as prostate and testicular cancer. He even made a fun Vine video as he got groomed backstage at “The Voice,” begging his stylist over and over, “Don’t touch the beard; don’t touch the beard; don’t touch the beard.”
It seems “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton may have joined the cause too, as Carson tweeted, “Trying to convince @blakeshelton to go #NoShaveToday with me. He’s 1 adult drink away from saying YES!”

Adam Levine was also quick to jump on board, but after that, Daly may have taken his “No Shave” campaign one step too far. He tweets, “Now if I can just get @CeeLoGreen and @xtina to stop shaving #DuckDynasty!”
Yikes … Xtina? 

Maybe she can just make a donation instead. 
Carson tells his Twitter followers he expects to look like “a very beardy Pilgrim” by the time Thanksgiving Day rolls around. Watch the backstage “No Shave” Vine below, and let us know how long it takes you to get his voice out of your head afterward: “Don’t touch the beard; don’t touch the beard … “
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