Tvfashw621 In a movie with “princess” in the title,

one could fairly expect a fashion column about elaborate outfits and the right

tiara with the right gown.

Disney Channel’s Princess Protection

Program, airing Friday, June 26, also stars a very regular teen, however.

Carter Mason (Selena Gomez, Wizards of

Waverly Place) is the typical all-American girl. Like most high-school

students, she appears to have to dress on a budget.

“Carter’s look is very simple,” Gomez says.

“She is helping out her dad rather than thinking about fashion. She wears baggy


“That kid would look cute in a Hefty bag,”

says Amy Stofsky the princess film’s costume designer. “Some people in life

just have style, and Selena is one of them. She knows how to wear clothes, so

it makes it very easy to put anything on her. In one scene, she is wearing her

father’s shirt, and she was adorable. She knows how to rock with it.”

The film needs to establish the

personalities of the two main characters, Carter and Princess Rosalinda (Demi

Lovato, Gomez’s real-life best friend). Initially, their wardrobes are obvious

because of their different lifestyles, but when Princess Rosalinda must live

with Carter, they share Carter’s clothes.

Jeans, naturally, are the fashion mainstay

of teenagers, and Stofsky introduced them to Adriano Goldschmied jeans. Carter

also wore Lucky and Abercrombie.

Carter’s tops are from Free People and


“A lot of Lucky actually,” Stofsky says,

“because in Puerto Rico that was one of my main squeezes. It went with the

tomboy essence we tried to give to Selena’s character.”

Puerto Rico stood in for the Louisiana

bayou in the film, and since Carter’s dad runs a bait shop, where she works,

she needs practical clothes, especially shoes. She wears a lot of sneakers,

Converse and Vans.

The girls, though, eventually get to shed

the mundane in favor of prom frocks. They check out a secondhand store, from

which Carter models a bunch of dresses, which really are secondhand dresses,

Stofsky points out.

For the prom, however, both are dressed in

elegant Jessica McClintock gowns.

“I wear tons of dresses,” Gomez says. “And

the design was fun.”

Though the character doesn’t wear much

jewelry, Stofsky found a symbolic necklace.

“The one piece she wore all the time is a Me

& Ro necklace,” Stofsky says. “I put that in all my shows. I love their

jewelry. It sort of blends into Selena’s character. Last year when we were

shopping, there were a lot of things with birds on them. I was trying to find

something identifiable with a character because Selena was such a free spirit,

it seemed soaring into her life with the free spirit. The bird had something

going on.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler