Cartoon Network airs the third edition of its “Hall of Game Awards” Monday night (Feb. 17), honoring athletes, professional and amateur, and other aspects of sports — with a decidedly kid-friendly focus.

Taped Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif., before an audience heavy on the younger set, the honors featured two NFL quarterbacks sharing hosting duties — Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers, and Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers.

Fans can also keep an eye out for cornerback Richard Sherman of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks (and maybe a few more surprises).

Newton and Kaepernick took a few minutes to answer some questions from Zap2it about their rookie year at center stage …

Zap2it: You seemed remarkably comfortable in your hosting
duties. What was the experience like?

Cam Newton: It was honestly a ton of fun. We’re both high-energy guys,
ready to get down to business. The fact that we had this opportunity to share
the stage with so many top-notch athletes was huge.

Colin Kaepernick: Hosting the show was an amazing experience. We’ve both made
appearances here in the past, but taking over as co-hosts just took it to
another level. We got to joke around and have a blast, but recognize some
amazing people at the same time.

What preparation did you do?

Newton and Kaepernick:
We both grew up watching cartoons, and that made the show fun to do. We worked
closely with the Cartoon Network and IMG production team to rehearse and create
a killer script.

Would you be eager to do it again?

Newton: Definitely!

Kaepernick: Oh, absolutely.

The show has a very
positive, family-friendly tone. What role should the NFL play in inspiring

Newton: Like anyone in the public eye, NFL players, and the league
as a whole, have a huge responsibility to be role models, both on and off the
field. Kids imitate what they see in us, so having the opportunity to come out
on this kind of stage and show that we’re just big kids at heart was good time.

What part of the show moved you the most?

Newton and Kaepernick: It was
overall really fun from beginning to end. There wasn’t one specific moment but
the show overall.

Aside from football, what’s your favorite sport to

Newton: Basketball,

Kaepernick: On my end, it’s definitely baseball and basketball.

After this airs, will you have to endure teasing from
teammates once training resumes?

Newton: Nah, they’ll be jealous, that’s what I think! Who else gets
to experience this kind craziness? It’s awesome.

Kaepernick: I’m sure there will be little jabs here and there, but you
know, at the end of the day, we support each other for whatever we might do in
our off time. 

Posted by:Kate O'Hare