casey anthony sentencing Casey Anthony sentenced to maximum punishment, but also time servedCasey Anthony, who was found not guilty of the 2008 murder of her younger daughter Caylee Anthony on Tuesday (July 5), was sentence Thursday (July 7) in the Orlando courthouse where the trial has taken place. What Anthony was found guilty of were four counts of giving false statements to police, which can each carry a sentence of up to a year.

In the sentencing trial, the defense argued that since the four statements were given in the same interview and within a short time of one another, sentencing her for each of the counts would constitute Double Jeopardy, which is the legal term that means you cannot be found guilty or serve time for the same crime multiple times. The defense argued that there was no time to think and reflect on her actions and premeditate each false statement. They had a 2006 ruling from Florida where a judge ruled that convicting someone for each statement was, in fact, Double Jeopardy.

However, Judge Belvin Perry did not agree with the defense and handed down four one-year sentences for each of Anthony’s false statements to the police, which is the maximum sentence Anthony could have received. But the judge also said Anthony would get credit for time served and over the course of the investigation, she has spent over 1000 days in jail, so Anthony will most likely only spend a few more months in jail.

There is no exact number of days for how long Anthony will be in jail because Judge Perry says he has to confer with her lawyers and the authorities to find out how much time served she will be credited.

In addition to the jail time, Judge Perry also ruled that Anthony would pay a fine for each count and would also have to pay for some of the costs of the trial.

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