Casey-Anthony-Defense-Rests-thumb-396x594-28119.jpgThat seven-second delay is getting some serious free publicity lately.

The Casey Anthony murder trial, one of the most highly publicized court cases of the decade, is drawing to a close as the prosecution’s rebuttal of the defense’s closing arguments were presented live on television on Monday.

The prosecution played a recording of a phone call Anthony made from jail to her mother. During the call, Anthony used the word “f***ing” five times. If only she’d been more considerate of the fact that this would later air on live television.

The curses did air, because Fox didn’t have the trial broadcasting on a standard seven-second delay (one was later established to prevent further offense). Gregg Jarett jumped in to apologize to the viewers.

Meanwhile, jurors will continue to deliberate Anthony’s case into Tuesday.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie