casey anthony wi Casey Anthony's 'Bella Vita' tattoo: A tribute to her daughter or a celebration of death?The more we read about Casey Anthony‘s trial, where she is accused of murdering daughter Caylee, the more horrified we become. The latest detail disturbing those of us following the case is the “Bella Vita” tattoo that Casey had inked while she claimed to be searching for her missing child.

A tattoo artist testified that Casey asked for the tat on July 2, 2008. While he was inking her, Anthony told the artist about her daughter Caylee, saying that the child was with a nanny. Casey made a second appointment for July 19 — promising to bring Caylee into the shop then. Casey never made it to the appointment – Caylee was finally reported missing on July 15.

“Bella Vita,” of course, means “Beautiful Life” in Italian — Lindsay Lohan has one just like Casey’s. The question is, then, if Casey got the tat as a tribute to her missing daughter, or as a nod to her new freedom without the child.

25-year-old Casey has pleaded not guilty to murdering 2-year-old Caylee, claiming that her daughter drowned in her parents’ pool. The prosecution contends that Caylee died after her mother suffocated her.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie