casey anthony july 2011 gi Casey Anthony's penalties doubled: Judge fines her $217,449.23 for lying to copsJustice? Hardly.

Though she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, America’s postergirl for maternal instinct, Casey Anthony, was found guilty of lying to police about the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death. Last week, a judge ruled that she must pay $97,626.98 for lying to investigators.

This week, the case was revisited, and that number was more than doubled. Anthony will now be asked to reimburse the Sheriff’s Office for $217,449.23, after more employees submitted their expense reports from the investigation.

These expenses were incurred between July 2008, when the missing persons case was opened, and September 2009, when it became a homicide investigation, according to CNN. The money is reimbursement for the expense incurred searching for Caylee’s body, which they found after nearly 5 months in the woods near Anthony’s parents’ home.

Despite the fines being doubled, Anthony is still paying much, much less than the initial $516,000 sought.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie