tvfash130 Casey Cartwright from 'Greek'

Spencer Grammer slips into a Manhattan cafe, looking very much like the New Yorker she is.
“I’m wearing my New York uniform,” she says, “two black shirts, a black sweater and jeggings. Oh, and purple socks.”
As Casey on ABC Family’s Greek, Grammer is more fashion-oriented than she is on her own.
“They are just clothes at the end of the day,” Grammer says. “It’s not rocket science. They keep us warm. If you wear things that are really expensive, it may not be who you are.”
She attends some red carpet events with her dad, Kelsey, and she enjoys wearing a dress, but she raves when talking about her recent acquisition of a military backpack that she intends to take on her travels.
As Casey, however, she was more sorority sister, demure.
“I used to wear florally things or sweater sets,” she says.
“I wanted to age her up a bit more,” Grammer says of Casey’s evolving look. “Not any more empire-waisted cap-sleeved dresses. I am not that fussy. If you put it in the room, I will put it on.”
Now Casey is in law school and has changed her look.
“She has an every girl look, but every girl turning into a woman going into the first serious moment careerwise,” says costumer designer Carole Beadle.
“Now she has more sleek things,” Grammer says.
Beadle shops for Casey at H&M, Zara, Barneys, Urban Outfitters, Opening Ceremony and J. Crew.
Beadle also shops for Casey at Club Monaco and Banana Republic. Casey wears Theory suits and J Brand jeans. Her tops are from Helmut Lang and Marc Jacobs.
“She wears a lot of cardigans because Grammer likes sleeves,” Beadle says. “And she also wears lot of scarves. They just added that softness to her.”
Her shoes are from Dolce Vita, Jeffrey Campbell, Miu Miu and Nine West.
Though many college students live in jeans and sweatshirts, Beadle says Casey looks like a graduate student “with a bit of money. It’s not a major stretch, not like a Beverly Hills student. I definitely didn’t go that way. She could buy her stuff at Century 21 and on sale at Barneys. I just tried to bring some of the rest of America into it and I tried hard to not make it look West Coast.”
Casey “dresses for herself and not specifically to pick up a guy,” Beadle says. “But of course, with the attention to still looking – not dowdy at all – a little bit of cool, a little bit of academic, she dresses for herself and her vision for herself as a lawyer and starting to think ahead more.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler