Tvfashw517 A generation ago, a college student’s

wardrobe consisted of battered jeans, a few peasant blouses, work shirts and a

pair of Frye boots.

Today, at least according to the fashionable

Casey Cartwright on ABC Family’s Monday comedy Greek, a coed needs much more

— especially when she’s a sorority leader. Still, creator Patrick Sean Smith

and costumer Mandi Line were determined that Casey be “the girl everyone can

relate to,” Line says. “She’s very relatable, very real. When you look at

Casey, she’s got things that every girl can acquire, but it’s the way she puts

them together.”

“She can do the corduroys and skirts,” Line

says. “She is very real, relatable and soft and kind of like a natural girl

without being boring.”

Spencer Grammer says she sees her character

as “being very girlie sorority to moderately a hippie. She keeps Casey in

florals and anything with a tie in it.”

Line says she’s cognizant of the influence

television shows have on viewers.

“There are so many TV shows out there, and

you have the girl sitting on the couch and working parents, and you look at Gossip Girl,” Line says, referring to that show’s expensive designer duds.

“The specialness about Greek is that people can do this.”

Line buys Casey’s clothes at Anthropologie.

She also frequents boutiques such as Los Angeles’ Polkadots & Moonbeams.

Line has to outfit the rest of the cast, so

she shops at Macy’s, which carries Free People. “It is so perfectly made for

Casey,” Line says.

Sorority presidents must dress

appropriately for parties, so when Casey needs a fancy dress, Line turns to

Cynthia Vincent‘s 12th Street brand.

“It’s higher-end, but it’s not

unobtainable, if someone wanted to save up and go to a party,” Line says.

Though Line has Casey wear bottoms more

repeatedly, she switches tops more. She favors Betsey Johnson, Urban Outfitters

and Lucky.

Her denim skirts are from the Gap, and her

jeans are from Citizens of Humanity.

“The funny thing with Spencer is she can

never, ever wear flats,” Line says. “I put her in tennis shoes sometimes, but

because I want to get so much out of the outfit I constantly put her in wedges.

Give me a nighttime party, and I can do skinny jeans and heels.”

Her shoes are from Steve Madden, Coach and


Though Grammer likens her own style to

Annie Hall more than Casey Cartwright, she loves her character’s sundresses and

has, on occasion, borrowed some.

“It’s kind of like a library,” she says. “You

have to check them out. ABC Family owns the clothes. We can’t take them. It

might be a year till return, but there are no late fees in this library of


Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler