casey kasem hospitalized jean kasem Casey Kasem hospitalized after crazy meat incidentLegendary radio icon Casey Kasem was hospitalized in Washington Sunday (June 1) after a fight escalated between Kasem’s wife Jean and oldest daughter Kerri. 

After gaining a court order to see her father and have his medical care evaluated, Kerri attempted to take Kasem to the hospital. His wife Jean not want that to happen. 

NBC reports Jean was so distraught she ended up screaming a biblical verse at her stepdaughter as she threw a large piece of hamburger meat at her. 

Paramedics and law enforcement were eventually let into the home and able to take Kasem, who is reportedly suffering from infections in his lungs and bladder in addition to bed sores, to the hospital.

This incident is just the latest in the long running feud between the two women regarding Kasem’s care. Earlier in the week, Jean Kasem was extremely upset over Kerri being put in charge of her father’s medical care, so much so she held a news conference where she played cell phone audio of her husband moaning. She told the crowd it was because he didn’t want Kerri to make his medical decisions. 

Another hearing on the subject is scheduled for Friday (June 6).  

Posted by:Sarah Huggins