The New York of the fabulously wealthy once again graces our eyeballs with its presence, as Mia the Fendi Yeti and her brain surgeon jog through Central Park and make a date for a booty call (which – does it count as a booty call if it’s scheduled? Just asking.) Zoe is having trouble adjusting to life at home after quitting her job, so she and Juliet’s jaw-droppingly amazing ivory coat discuss a corporate raider attempting to take over Juliet’s hotel chain. Caitlin’s boss freaks out on her when Zac Posen drops Lily Parish for Fashion Week. At work, one of Mia’s editors suggests that she foster an abandoned dog named Wiley. Zoe and the manny deal with sharing the "wifely responsibilities" around the house, when Clayton calls from work for advice on the Tate deal. Juliet and Romahhhhhhhhn bicker over architects as the corporate raider, Len Dinnerstein, shows up to "kick Juliet’s tires" in both the corporate sense and the, ah, physical sense. Mia attempts to bond with the dog when Jason arrives to cash in his booty call chip; however, their foreplay is interrupted when Jason falls asleep on Mia’s stomach.

Over brunch, Mia, looking remarkably tame in a side chignon, bemoans the difficulty of beginning a relationship with someone at least as busy as she is. When Zoe learns that Juliet has been tasked with finding a young, irreverent architect for the hotel, she immediately suggests her husband Eric, earning her some quietly raised eyebrows from Caitlin and Mia. Juliet worries about mixing friends with business but agrees. Mia feels like a failure because her foster dog doesn’t like her, and Zoe begins to micromanage being a mother, treating her kids like her business. Clayton tracks Zoe down in the park to try to talk Zoe into rejoining the Tate deal, and is rewarded for his efforts with a soccer ball to the head.

Juliet, with some help from Mia, recruits the star student designer from Parsons to fashion a Lily Parish collection in time for Fashion Week. He’s so adorably excited. Make it work, Tiny Gay! Over dinner with Len the Billionaire, Juliet finds herself charmed by his wit and class. He tells her that he won’t attempt to take over any more of her company while they are considering dating. Mia finally makes some headway with Wiley when the shelter rep comes to pick him up and hey! It’s Wallace Shawn! Inconceivable! Mia tells him that she’d like to adopt Wiley permanently, and Wally sits down to interview her. But due to her lack of commitment to any man or animal (and her fur-trimmed jacket), Wiley is removed from Mia’s care.

Lily Parish chides Caitlin for hiring the neophyte designer, and Caitlin borrows against her future salary to rent a space for their fashion show. Len asks Juliet to spend the following weekend with him, under one condition: that she sign a confidentiality agreement. She agrees on the basis that he sign one as well, and tells him he’s getting ahead of himself. Ballsy! However, Juliet’s Blackberry informs her that Len has bought another block of her stock in after-hours trading, and she tells him he needs to choose between her and her company. Mia tells Jason that she feels more strongly about a dog she just met than she does about him, and he says that he’s never felt that strongly about anyone. She sadly walks away from him, and from the relationship.

Eric, Juliet and Gerard, the hotel designer, meet and Eric is hired on the spot. Juliet refuses a delivery of modern art from Len Dinnerstein and gives good flirt to Gerard as he leaves. Zoe and her family cuddle in bed, ignoring Zoe’s Blackberry. The young designer shows up 2 hours late with unfinished clothing, pissing off a strangely saggy-breasted Caitlin, who is apparently the target of Patricia Field’s ire this week. Mia attempts to convince Wallace Shawn that she feels so strongly about Wiley that it’s cruel to keep them apart. He relents, even though Wiley is only interested in chewing her gold Ferragamos. Zoe and Eric deliver Sasha’s science fair project, tripping down the stairs and ruining the display. Zoe learns that she is driving her family away with her controlling ways, to the point that Sasha has actually done her own version of her project on her own. Eric tells Zoe to go back to work. Mia, dressed like Joan of Arc, joins Juliet and Zoe in the front row of Caitlin’s fashion show. Caitlin sends the models out in their underwear and amazing editorial makeup, which is the whole point of the show anyway. Mia and Wylie jog through Central Park as they cement their bond.

And I fear this may be the end of the road for these four fabulous ladies – at least for the time being. This was the final filmed episode and no more are scheduled to be shot so…au revoir. Hopefully I’ll see all of you – and some truly outrageous shoes and accessories – this fall.

What do you think? Are you ready for these girls to jog off into the sunset? Do you expect a renewal is in the offing? Do you feel like maybe Lucy Liu really doesn’t like dogs? I need to know…

Posted by:Jordan Hudson