New York is gorgeous when seen by limo, isn’t it? Sigh. Zoe gives her husband child-care instructions, indicating the apparent absence of a new nanny. Because really, why else would a man on this show be involved in rearing his own children? Bobby booty-calls Juliet from London and tells her he’ll be in town to see her soon. Mia gives good publisher at a meeting until her assistant reveals that Mia hasn’t told her mother about the breakup yet. At lunch, Caitlin reveals to the ladies that both her newfound friend-of-Etheridge status and Mia’s dumped-by-Jack status are on a new Gawker-lite website. They all suspect that Cilla Grey is behind the leaks.

At work, Zoe is horrified when her assistant Katherine (looking utterly fierce, I don’t care what Zoe thinks) is allowed to tag along on a business trip. Caitlin’s boss wants to know who the gay in her department is: she’s thinking the chica in accounting with the bushy eyebrows. She also points out the zit on Caitlin’s forehead as being problematic for a cosmetics executive which, thank God…I really thought it was just a dismal failure on the part of the hair and makeup staff of the show. It’s a prosthetic pimple! Whew. Davis springs a surprise visit on Juliet in her office, attempting to rekindle their romance. She dismisses him after getting an updated number for Cilla, with whom she schedules a meet. Mia is furious when her men’s magazine offers up a cover featuring a man being eaten by a female executive. I’m furious that she’s wearing burned-out velvet lamè, so you can’t always get what you want, Mia. She’s surprised – but we’re not! – when it is revealed that Jack signed off on the cover just before he was fired.

Bobby surprises Juliet at the hotel she runs, telling her he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind. She sets up a rendezvous with him for the following evening. Meanwhile, in Boston, Zoe, Katherine, and a male coworker woo a couple of young internet moguls. Katherine makes the sale with a combination of rate-cutting and rack-showing; later, Zoe sees her drunkenly follow the coworker into his hotel room. The next morning, Zoe offers Katherine some very prescient advice about becoming intimate with married male colleagues. It’s actually quite a nice little speech about how quickly women who allow themselves to become sexualized in the workplace find themselves…without a workplace.

Caitlin rocks some Balenciaga booties and a leather skirt while walking through the park with Mia. Aww, urban hike! At lunch Mia shows the ladies the prospective cover and asks for their opinions. Juliet confides to Zoe that she’s concerned that Cilla and Davis’ relationship wasn’t quite as meaningless as Davis made it out to be. Davis has gotten the family tickets to see "Cyrano" on Broadway, conflicting with Juliet’s previously scheduled affair. She calls Bobby and tells him she just can’t allow herself to be with him. Mia tells the art director of the men’s magazine to kill the cover. Caitlin and Alicia go out on another date, while Zoe avoids Katherine’s calls. When she finally picks up, Katherine reveals that she and Male Coworker had been lovers, and that now that she’s been demoted she is seriously considering a lawsuit. Juliet, while grabbing some sleeping pills from Davis’ travel kit, discovers a box of matches from a resort in Anguilla that had been their special place. Clearly he’s been there more recently than she has. And you and I, faithful viewers, know who has been there with him.

Mia and her classic quilted Chanel purse and her curled? ponytail? tell the art department to run the cover, along with a very special letter from the publisher. (BTW, hair department, I let last week’s faux-bangs debacle slide. That doesn’t mean I didn’t notice. Don’t push me.) Zoe chastises Male Coworker for demoting Katherine and tells him to clean up his own mess. Or look into getting neutered. Juliet gives Cilla the terms of her truce: she’ll make sure Cilla gets into the Arbergast if she shuts down the blog. Juliet then races to Bobby’s hotel room and ravishes him. Yay! Oh wait, no. She makes it to second base then becomes hysterical: she can’t do it. Zoe, dressed like a freaking Pilgrim, goes to soften the blow with Katherine and learns that Male Coworker has promoted her instead of firing her. At drinks, Mia shows off her editor’s letter and her quartz door-knocker earrings. The letter is bad. So are the earrings. Juliet strips down to her Agent Provacateurs and tells Davis that they’re even.

Next week – everyone betrays everyone with everyone!

What did you think, my darlings? Would you let Lucy Liu’s stylist anywhere near your hair? Whose wardrobe would you most like to inhabit this week? (Hint: Caitlin) Aren’t you a little disappointed we aren’t done with the whole slutty-assistant storyline?  Dish!

Posted by:Jordan Hudson