Teen witch Cassie (Britt Robertson) is just an ordinary girl in extraordinary circumstances in the new CW series `The Secret Circle,’ and her wardrobe reflects the struggle between light and darkness.

“Both are inside her,” says costume designer Katia Stano, “so we try to contrast something soft in texture or pattern or in the design with something strong. We give her shoes that are strong like a boot when she is wearing a dress. If she’s got a floral top, she’s got a leather or army jacket on.”

Cassie’s look includes a lot of military references that reflect a maturity that comes from the loss of her parents and assuming a leadership role within the circle. She also has a slight gypsyness that the designers imagine might come from being on the run with her mom. “You can see an armful in bracelets and stackable rings that remind her of her mom,” Stano says. “A lot of the dangle earrings we have made for her by Sancha, a local designer in Vancouver.”

Unlike many other shows, items of clothing often are featured more than once and there is some subtext there. “We try to repeat a lot of items because she’s a regular kid and wearing things twice is more believable, ” Stano says. “She hasn’t been shopping that much, so her clothes probably are from when her mom was alive.”

Stano discusses three of Cassie’s outfits chosen for their combination of girly and gritty:

tvfashcko16 Cassie from 'The Secret Circle'

“Britt is so tiny we often go into the kids section to get the fit to give her a slightly sleeker silhouette. So the black hoodie is from the H&M kids section. She is wearing guess jeans rolled up to give them a boyfriend look and a Miss Sixty studded belt. The floral tank has got a zipper, contrasting the softness with the toughness, and we flipped it. The zipper is supposed to be in the back, but it’s something she would do to wear it her own way. Underneath is a white tank, so again contrasting lightness with darkness. Even though she has a struggle inside her, she also has a lot of confidence and strength she finds in every episode.”

tvfash2cko016 Cassie from 'The Secret Circle'

“Here she rocks an H&M kids miniskirt, but inside of making it sexy she makes it strong with a boot. That’s a Splendid army green tank top worn with a Material Girl grey hoodie with a black lace hood on it. She looks like a very confident young high-school girl.”

tvfash3cko16 Cassie from 'The Secret Circle'

“Those are black J Brand jeans. The top is fitted and we use a lot of scoop-necks and a lot of henleys because they feel like they are a little more functional. The shorter sleeves and tank tops make her a little more vulnerable with contrasting strong ankle boots from Aldo to make her legs look longer. It’s a clean strong look, not fussy, just kind of throw on the clothes and go. But there are a million of us in the department making it happen by the time we alter it and get the right buttons. We don’t want anything to pop out and be distracting, so we’ll dye clothes and turn zippers black. We also need multiples, so if we can’t get them in the store, we have to make others.”

Posted by:Monique Marcil