is all about the love … or so it seems. The actress who co-stars in the Sept. 18 flick, "Love Happens" with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart has been slated for the 20th Century Fox film, "Love and Other Drugs," according to Variety.

Greer will play a trainee instructor at a pharmaceutical company; she will be joined by Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Filming on the Ed Zwick project is set to begin at the end of September.

— The guy who brought "Mr Woodcock" to life, Billy Bob Thornton, will be prepping for his role as a retired/widowed boxer in "Pound for Pound," a boxing film based on a book written by F.X. Toole, the author of the book that became the audience and critical success "Million Dollar Baby."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thornton will play a former boxer grieving after the death of his grandson, who then meets a talented Latino fighter with a less than rosy upbringing.

No word on the casting for the young fighter, but the project is set to start shooting early next year.

— Because no blog post is complete without a mention of a vampire or vampire-related incident, "Star Trek"'s Karl Urban is set to start shooting his villianous role in Screen Gem's horror film "Priest" next week in Los Angeles. Urban will play Black Hat, the so-called god of vampires, who is waging a war against humanity in post-apocalyptic world, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Paul Bettany stars as a warrior priest and vampire fighter who teams up with "Twilight"'s Cam Gigandet to track down the band of vamps who've taken a young girl.

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