suzanne collins jennifer lawrence hunger games Casting 'Catching Fire': Grant Gustin as Finnick, Kristen Bell as Johanna?Sure, “The Hunger Games” doesn’t officially come out until March 23, but it’s never too early to start thinking about sequel options.

As avid fans of Suzanne Collins‘ book series, we’ve been casting “Catching Fire” in our heads for years now. But since the first movie is practically in theaters and the second one will likely start shooting in a matter of months, it seems as good a time as any to comb through the casting prospects for some of the more notable former tributes returning to the arena.

Here are our selections for Katniss’ Quarter Quell alliance members. Feel free to share yours in the comments!

In hour minds, District 4’s twentysomething hero is the good-looking All-American guy-next-door type, so the very vocal fan campaign for “Glee” villain Grant Gustin is right up our alley.

Here’s some simple logic: Kristen Bell loves “The Hunger Games.” We love Kristen Bell. She wants (very, very badly) to play Johanna. We want her to play Johanna.

She’s kinda quiet and kinda nuts and in her 40s. That basically describes Helena Bonham-Carter to a T, right?

Wiress’ companion is a little older and more outspoken, so we’d choose the stately Ben Kingsley for the role.

Posted by:Jean Bentley