castle recap dressed to kill beckett wedding dress stana katic abc 'Castle': A wedding date and a high fashion murder in 'Dressed to Kill'

Considering the cutthroat world of high fashion, it’s amazing that “Castle” didn’t have a murder set there before Monday’s (Feb. 3) episode, “Dressed to Kill.” With Beckett being a model back in the day, the surprise only grows.

“Castle,” however, makes up for it with this episode in which a fashion editor’s assistant gets murdered. After all, there’s a wedding dress and actual progress on the possible wedding of Rick Castle and Kate Beckett!

Murder is the new black … or not

The victim of the week is Ella Hayes, the recently fired assistant to Matilda King (guest star Frances Fisher), the legendary editor of Modern Fashion magazine. Why would anyone kill an assistant already being worked to death? That is the question.

A few important clues turn up throughout the case. First of all, Ella had blue hairs on her body — eventually traced to fancy scarves given to Modern Fashion employees. Also, Ella was fired because she kept making scheduling mistakes for her boss. Only they weren’t mistakes, they were part of the setup that led to Ella’s murder. Finally, there was a bit of black coral found on Ella.

That doesn’t add up to much initially, but when phone-tapping and corporate espionage get thrown in, the picture begins to make at least a little more sense. Ella had been angry at her employer all of the sudden and began offering a huge scoop to the magazine’s main rival, Couture Chic. She did not, however, deliver on that promise before her murder.

It’s the secret that is the key to everything. It turns out that Ella, an aspiring designer herself, had work stolen by Yumi, a hot designer who then makes the Modern Fashion “Fab Five” issue with her work. He then hacked into the computers in order to mess with Ella’s scheduling and thus discredit her before she could discredit him.

But Yumi didn’t kill Ella. That dishonor went to his partner-in-crime, Julian. One of the lower editors at Modern Fashion, Julian had been trying to steal Matilda’s job and killed Ella to avoid loose ends.

Cold feet, hot dress

Meanwhile, this case allows Beckett to revisit a bit of her modeling past. Once upon a time, Beckett had the audacity to refuse work from Matilda King — something that actually raises the detective in Matilda’s opinion.

In the present day, Beckett is just trying to solve her case, but fashion catches her anyway. Matilda needs a model for a wedding dress, and Beckett is her woman. It’s a pretty impressive dress too — one that causes Beckett to pretty much lose it as she looks at her reflection.

Of course, this is right when Beckett hears from Castle that he has checked out their prospective wedding venue and that there is an available date in the spring. That is, for those keeping track, several months earlier than the planned September date.

And Beckett suddenly has cold feet.

It’s OK, though. The fear isn’t so much about marriage as it is about Beckett’s mother not being there to see this. A conversation and a donated couture dress later, and Beckett is ready to commit. She’s even ready to commit early, if that’s what it takes.

There could be a “Castle” wedding as soon as this spring — just in time for the Season 6 finale!

Posted by:Laurel Brown