“Castle” star Jon Huertas has gotten busy with his musical career recently. That seems to be a good thing, since his most recent music video, for the song “Champion,” tells a full story and even features an amusing cameo by Nathan Fillion.

The story of “Champion” seems to be that “Jon” is a washed up fighter (“I coulda been a contender!” style) whose girl leaves him when there’s no shot at a future that’s not mostly about booze. But apparently that’s the inspiration the guy needs to get his life together.
So that’s good.

What about Nathan Fillion’s cameo? Huertas’ “Castle” castmate shows up up at about the 2:35 mark to get a fancy espresso from the down-on-his-luck fighter. It’s not much of a part, but the moment does have a bit of a laugh for fans of the show: Fillion’s fancy coffee has a beautiful foam top, not unlike the heart-shaped foam Castle keeps making for Beckett in recent episodes.

Based on this video, maybe it’s Esposito who has been making all of those coffees.

Whatever the case, the video story has a very happy ending. Jon gets back his dignity, his girl and even the championship belt he pawned to start over. Awwwww…

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Posted by:Laurel Brown