stana-katic-nathan-fillion-castle-S5-premiere.jpg “So it wasn’t a dream.”

And so begins the Season 5 premiere of “Castle” — and a new chapter in Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) relationship: lovers!

“So you liked it?” purrs Kate softly. “Even the part where I…?”

Especially that part!” he responds with vigor. “I loved it.”

Anyone else get shivers?

“After the Storm” starts the morning after the Season 4 finale’s night of passion, and Castle and Beckett are both positively glowing. They don’t waste any time and quickly DTR (define the relationship) as a committed couple. In fact, they’re about to seal the deal, again, when rudely interrupted by Castle’s mom and hungover daughter.

Hilarity ensues when Kate hides in the closet and sneaks out of the apartment while Castle distracts the women and chastises/praises Alexis (Molly Quinn) for her first hangover.

“I am deeply disappointed in you,” he distractedly tells his daughter (while Kate runs back to retrieve her bra), whose graduation party got out of hand. “And yet oddly proud.”

Later, at Kate’s place, she asks Castle to hide — he refuses, considering they are clothed — when Ryan (Seamus Dever) drops by, asking for help on the case. They do some good detectiving, and identify and locate “Michael Smith” — to find him tortured by Maddox (Tahmoh Penikett) — but just conscious enough to direct them to the abandoned building where he’s hidden the file that’s been protecting Kate all these years.

Unfortunately, Maddox has gotten there first, again, and handcuffs the dynamic duo while he searches for the file. Esposito (Jon Huertas) rescues ’em just in time to see Maddox, and the file, blown to smithereens from a rigged safe. They all (including Ryan) offer completely implausible explanations to Gates about being there.

The gang reunites at Kate’s apartment where Ryan, whom Esposito calls “Judas,” presents a peace offering of sorts: a bag full of paper bits from exploded safe.

With patience and a little rule bending, the group identifies the mastermind behind the whole scheme: Senator William H. Bracken (Jack Coleman of “The Office” and “Heroes”), who used the money from ransoming mobsters to fund his campaign.

And Maddox may be dead, but Bracken finds another hit man to kill Smith in the hospital — moments after Smith warns Beckett: “He’s untouchable. I’m going to disappear — I suggest you do the same.” Unfortunately, Bracken made sure he disappeared permanently…and Beckett is next.

“I’ll take you someplace, Kate,” Castle gallantly offers. “Someplace you’ll be safe.”

“I’ll never be safe,” she responds, before going MIA.

Castle, sure Beckett is going to kill Sen. Bracken at a fundraiser, rallies the troops to stop her before it’s too late.

But surely Beckett wouldn’t sacrifice everything to exact revenge? But wait, she’s sneaking a gun past security — and points it directly at Bracken!

“It’s not who has the gun, it’s who has the power,” says the slithery senator. “Do you really think that’s you?”
Well, as a matter of fact, yes. By reciting his bank account number, Kate convinces Bracken that she has another copy of the incriminating file.

And even though all she really has are tiny bits of paper, Kate makes a deal with Bracken: he calls off his minions, or she releases the file and destroys him.

“I am done being afraid — it’s your turn now,” she says fiercely — before smacking him across the face! That bloody gash comes courtesy of her mother’s ring, which she put on her finger before setting off.

“That’s going to leave a nasty scar,” says the badass babe. “Every time you see it, think of me.”
Boom! High-fives all around.

Back at the precinct, Gates praises Beckett for her loyalty to Montgomery, but says she and Esposito still have to serve out their suspensions.

“What’ll you do in the meantime?” Castle asks her later.
“Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll think of something,” she smiles — and grabs Castle’s crotch!

Oh yes, that happened.

What say you, “Castle” fans? Did the premiere live up to your expectations?

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