nathan fillion stana katic castle murder 2 Castle and Beckett's romance: What is its long term impact on "Castle"?Virtually all “Castle” fans agree that Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic) long-awaited romance is a huge win.

So far, so good. But how will it affect the show in the long-term?

Zap2it reached out to some of “Castle’s” biggest supporters for their reactions to the series’ game-changer. Read on, and feel free to weigh in yourself in the comments below!

“I think we have already seen that their relationship has brought a whole new dimension to the show,” points out‘s Beth Harris. “It has certainly returned some of the fun that took more of a backseat in the last two seasons and to me it is that sense of fun that sets ‘Castle’ apart from other procedurals and makes it something special. The relationship also allows not only Castle and Beckett to grow as they move forward in a new direction but also opens up opportunities to explore the supporting characters as they react to seeing their friends/family members in a committed relationship.”

Michelle P. Carter of @CastleActive agrees: “The fun of it will be to see everyone’s reactions. We’ve gotten Martha and Alexis so far, but what about the others? Ryan and Esposito, whom we can always count on for their clever and snappy commentary, will certainly have ceaseless witticisms when the truth comes out. Lanie will likely be a mix of happy for her best friend and livid that she wasn’t the first to know. The good news is that the writers now have a whole new world of possibilities to explore and play with.”

And, says Aimee Krenz of @FillionFans, “the romance between Castle and Beckett will finally give fans of the show a glimpse of what they have been waiting four seasons to see. The show will be different than it has been; some of the tension of the ‘will they, won’t they’ will be gone, but replaced by new questions. Will they be able to make it work out in the real world and not just behind closed doors? What will everyone else think about the relationship? Will Kate be able to give her whole heart to Rick when she is still chasing her mother’s killer? Will Castle be able to shake the playboy label he has and really commit to the relationship? It’s all going to play out in the new season and hopefully future seasons.”

“The game between Castle and Beckett, and the draw for the audience, has always been Castle baiting her into admitting how much she likes him, and Beckett veiling precisely that,” concludes Carter. “The episodes we’ve seen so far this season give us great confidence that their quintessential repartee is not threatened by their burgeoning romance.”

Do you agree with these leading lights of “Castle” fandom?

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