castle esposito ryan 'Castle': Apparently America can't tell the difference between Esposito and Ryan

You may think Detectives Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) would be easily distinguished from one another — what with differing ages, ethnicities and the fact that they’re completely different characters — but you’d be wrong.

Some “Castle” viewers are having trouble telling the two apart.

Zap2it met with both Dever and Huertas on the set of the show, and when the subject of Ryan’s slick, new Season 3 wardrobe came up, Dever had a surprising explanation.

“For a long time, believe it or not, the audience, or a certain segment of them, confuses Ryan and Esposito,” says Dever.

“I don’t believe the audience would ever do that,” Huertas chimes in.

“Someone is entirely worried that they’re going to confuse the two of us,” Dever insists. “We have a different costume designer, so things are a little bit snappier for us.”

That new costume designer is Luke Reichle, who joins “Castle” after previously working on “Scoundrels,” “Without a Trace,” and “The Forgotten.” And though we really don’t think anyone needs sartorial assistance to tell the two apart, the cast’s new looks this season are unmistakable.

“It’s defining our roles a little bit more. They want me slim and neat and [Esposito] sort of baggy and messy,” Dever says, turning to his co-star. “What’s he going for?”

The two, whose off-screen bromance mirrors their characters’, proceeded to compare boots for several moments before finally dropping the matter.

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credit: ABC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell