castle dwts 'Castle' does 'Dancing With the Stars': What did you think?“Castle” is known for its themed episodes, so it makes sense that the ABC show worked in a little corporate synergy during the March 19 episode, “A Dance With Death.”

The case of the week involved a murder on the set of a show that wasn’t actually called “Dancing With the Stars,” but was clearly modeled after “DWTS.” A smart move, considering the episode aired directly after the Season 14 premiere of the celeb dance show.

So, did it feel forced or what?

Since this is “Castle” we’re talking about and the series works in meta pop culture references all the time, it felt quite natural, actually. Plus, ABC was a good sport about allowing “Castle” to poke plenty of fun at “DWTS” without actually calling it that.

Our favorite part: The secret twin reveal. So “Castle!” So fun!

What did you think of the episode?

Posted by:Jean Bentley